SlipGym Takes on the Fitness World


SlipGym introduces the world’s first slip-on indoor/outdoor fitness vest, giving individuals the ability to simply and easily perform most aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The SlipGym uses a new patent-pending technology called “Full Motion Response,” with proven resistance bands that are attached to the SlipGym vest, allowing users to get the body they always wanted while enjoying the exercising activities they normally do.

The SlipGym can be added to almost any existing exercise routine. It allows all ages to get a full range of exercise both indoors or outside, day or night and even comes with a hands-free attachment for walking dogs. Like to listen to music, no problem. The SlipGym has a holder for all electronics. Want to trim your waist or have back problems? SlipGym comes with a built-in waist trimmer that acts as a back support and helps stabilize the core. 

Rick Cesari, chief marketing officer for SlipGym and author of "Building Billion Dollar Brands," says, “This product will sell itself. It is well-designed, easy to use and affordable for anyone who wants to get in great shape." Rick has helped build brands like The George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, SonicCare and GoPro. 

“We are excited to have Rick on our team and to introduce the SlipGym to communities everywhere," says one of its inventors and the company's CEO Mike Shell. "We really see the SlipGym bringing people together to get fit. We designed it to be used individually or in groups, with family and even while with your pets. People want to get the most value in a fitness product. People want to save money and time while adding to their social life. The new SlipGym accomplishes all three."

The SlipGym goes on sale starting March 1, 2019. 

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