SlimViews Launches the Most Practical and Stylish Reading Glasses for the Eyewear Industry Readers That Express Your Vision

SlimViews, a cutting-edge manufacturer of contemporary eyewear, today announced the official product-line launch of SlimViews reading glasses.  Designed by David Colangelo, President and CEO SlimViews, these fashion-centric reading glasses fit your lifestyle with a unique combination of compact, sleek design and product performance.  The frames are manufactured using an extremely lite weight, high-density TR90 material along with impact resistant, clear transparent lenses and were designed to comfortably hug and remain on your face and nose.

“As a long-time user of reading glasses, I became frustrated when my readers would slip off and prevent me from doing the simple things in life – like reading a book or even the newspaper," states Mr. Colangelo.  "I wanted to create a practical yet stylish look that everyone who uses reading glasses could appreciate, enjoy and use every day.”

"I am inspired by designing products that make a difference in people's lives. slimviews are not only durable, functional readers they look great too!

David Colangelo, CEO SlimViews

SlimViews reading glasses are available with seven convenient power magnification levels to compliment and support your vision.  The levels start at +1.00 and progress in +.25 increments with a maximum power of +2.50.

Available in an array of contemporary colors, SlimViews readers come in: mint green, oceanic blue, tangelo orange, bubblegum pink, fireball red, onyx black and slate grey.  The unique design is compact, lightweight, durable and also offers a reduced reflection for the user.

One year in development and six months in quality testing and production, SlimViews emerged as the unique readers they are today.  The slim lightweight design, durability and distinctive colors make these readers a “must-have” for any lifestyle.

Mr. Colangelo concludes, “I am inspired by designing products that make a difference in people’s lives.  SlimViews are not only durable, functional readers they look great too!  This gives SlimViews users self-confidence and eliminates the stigma of wearing old-fashioned reading glasses in public.”

These lifestyle reading glasses are only available for purchase online through the company website, and soon will be available at authorized SlimViews retail eyewear stores throughout North America as well as select international locations.

About SlimViews:
For more information on SlimViews readers, please call 855.522.1069 or visit

About David Colangelo:
David Colangelo is a visionary and the inspiration behind these contemporary readers.  Over the course of three decades his incisive eye for the world around him - combined with his discerning ability to turn simple ideas into reality - led him to create and introduce SlimViews.  

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