Slim and Cassy's New Audiobook 'What Killed Sally' is a Hilarious Narrative, Merging Fact With Fiction to Explore the Dangers of Rural Texas and How to Survive

Recent audiobook release "What Killed Sally" from Audiobook Network authors Slim and Cassy is a whimsical collection of short stories that recount the misadventures of 39 campers at beautiful (but deadly) PSL Ranch. These darkly comedic examples of what not to do emphasize the dangers of nature and how to avoid death in the wilds of Texas.

Extraordinarily funny and educational, Slim and Cassy's new audiobook "What Killed Sally" is an assortment of tongue-in-cheek tales that explore the hazards of Central Texas and how to avoid them. Set on perilous PSL Ranch, "What Killed Sally" follows the misadventures of campers named Sally, as they discover the wonders and dangers of nature and the local inhabitants. Fictitious advertisements and rib-tickling recipes add to the hilarity of this comedic narrative!

"The youth organization, Green Tree Campers of America (GTCA), loves to spend time in the wilderness educating their young, mostly city-born members, in the ways of nature," write Slim and Cassy. "Spending time outdoors on educational adventures with their fellow GTCA members is by far their favorite activity.

"PSL Ranch allows these young adventurers to camp on our remote patch of wilderness to observe the local fauna, flora, and rock formations that were created a millennium ago. Although this Menard County ranchland is beautiful and full of interesting wildlife, it can also be quite dangerous for the unprepared and those not knowledgeable of local conditions. Due to a few incidents that have occurred during camping expeditions by the GTCA (thirty-nine that we know of), PSL ranch hands decided to put together this informational guide to give visitors an educational approach to safety and possibly avoid an unpleasant injury, maiming, or death while providing facts about the local environment and wildlife."

Published by Audiobook Network, authors Slim and Cassy's new audiobook provides valuable resources, from knowing what plants are safe to eat to dealing with dangerous animals. Each story brings a unique take on wilderness safety that provides levity while highlighting how to remain safe.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "What Killed Sally" by Slim and Cassy through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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