Slemma Focuses on Differance of Being Data Driven vs. Data Informed

How one online media company "Funk" uses Slemma dashboards to drive their content strategy and distribute reports to their team.

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Slemma, a data analytics tool for small and medium sized businesses, has just published a wonderful customer profile of German online media company, funk.

As a subset of ARD and ZDF (publically owned media goliaths akin to NPR or BBC), funk uses Slemma dashboards to drive their content strategy and distribute reports to their team. Using a sophisticated web crawler, they scan the internet to monitor the progress of their content across multiple platform.

Malte Blumberg, Head of Technology and Design at Funk Germany, created a literal “data wall” for his team to refer to when making content-related decisions. This is by far the most unique and innovative execution of a data-driven content strategy and Slemma, is honored to have it’s data analytics tool at the center of it!

While funk relies heavily on their data to inform future decisions, they identify as ‘data-informed’ as they still opt to create content that a team member is passionate about regardless of what the data predicts.

To read more about how funk implements Slemma dashboards, read the customer story here.

To learn more about Slemma and their 75+ integrations, check out our website here. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Slemma’s offering please feel free to contact me at

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