Sleep-Related Product Committee Has Officially Announced a Verified Protocol of the Best Mattresses of 2019 in the US Market

An announced verified protocol of the 2019 U.S. markets' best mattresses has the potential to completely alter the way consumers purchase bedding products

US Best Mattresses 2019

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As of late, with the boom of the mattress industry, a phenomenon of product duplication and facsimile production has been noticed in the U.S. markets. To prevent the inflation of the issue and potential customer misguidance, the sleep-related product committee was held. The officials agreed and released a verified protocol of the best mattresses of U.S. 2019 at - a reader-supported, independent customer guidance portal.

Laura Mogen, the chief editor of MyBestMattress, states:

"With such a rapid growth of the mattress industry, confusion was inevitable. Together with the sleep experts, we have utilized data gathered from the platform, different user review sources and expert opinions and, as a result, have come up with an attested list of the best mattresses of the year."

As Laura mentions, customer data is an essential part of the compilation process of such a protocol. Specific algorithms were used to filter industry-leading mattress firms. The process was based on individual customer reviews, de facto expert opinions and objective mattress provider specifications.

After a preliminary list of mattress-providing companies was selected, the process shifted to manual filtering. Aaron Smolen, an expert reviewer at MyBestMattress, explains:

"After we refined a list of mattress providers that were on the top of their respective industry, we took it a step further and applied manual filtering. What this means is that, instead of allowing some AI-based system to permeate the entire process, we took it upon ourselves to review each provider and the customer-merchant link between them. This process allowed us to further clarify the obsolete list of the best mattress providers of 2019."

During the interview, both Laura and Aaron of MyBestMattress agreed that the data-driven list is what the mattress industry needs at the current given point in time. Laura also notes that the data-based analysis method used in the refinement of the collected information ensures the objectivity of the results.

Furthermore, given the factual correctness of such a list, it is essential to note the impact that it would have on the opinions of the future customers of the mattress industry. With the data-savvy information presented in the form of an easy-to-read article, it becomes accessible to the masses, thus enlightening more people about these products in the process.

When asked about the practical use of this type of protocol, Laura Mogen states:

"In the process of helping people choose the right product, this information will also help them better understand the intricacies that go along with the different kinds of mattresses. With the protocol, people will improve their decision-making skills when it comes to the topic of mattresses. They will also become more educated about the sleep-related product benefits of each of the beds."

Sleep product-related protocols should always be observed and perceived as the first result to help the customer improve their knowledge of the sleep market. That being the case, though, both committee representatives Laura Mogen and Aaron Smolen note that while it may be a continuous process, the list should already reflect the majority of the collected data.

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