SLC Events Revealed Team Growth in Bid to Expand Portfolio

The SLC Events team recently announced that Jace, one of the firm's associates, has been promoted to a management role. According to Myke B., the organization's President, this is part of an effort to grow the company.

​Myke indicated that at SLC Events, keeping the status quo will never be considered good enough. He and his team are obsessed with not only growing the brands they work for but also expanding their business’ reach. They hope to bring their services to new products while also growing the physical territory of their business.

“It is important to always have an eye toward growth,” he said. “We always need to take on new challenges and create new opportunities if we want to compete. We are currently in the process of planning how we will expand SLC Events to several new territories.”

"It is important to always have an eye toward growth,"

Myke , President

One of the first steps in Myke’s plan was to advance Jace to a management role. According to Myke, Jace has been one of the company’s most dedicated team members. He has demonstrated an intuitive understanding of the business. As such, Myke will be entrusting a lot of the expansion effort to Jace.

“He has been a valuable member of the SLC Events team and I am sure he will help us grow to our next stage of success,” Myke said. “In particular, Jace will be developing innovative campaign techniques and novel opportunities. Additionally, he will be working to grow our portfolio of brands.”

Jace is extremely excited for the new opportunity. “This experience is something I have been dreaming of for a while,” he said. “I have been working hard to prove myself ever since joining the firm. I’m absolutely thrilled this is happening after everything I have invested. This is a great chance to do some awesome work for the company.”

SLC Events’ President Discusses Jace’s New Role

According to Myke, Jace will have a number of responsibilities on the SLC Events management team. When the company is ready to expand to a new territory, Jace will lead the new office. Until then, he will assist Myke in managing and growing the existing location.

Jace is primarily charged with introducing new strategies to help us grow,” Myke said. “He will also be working on recruitment, especially for the new location. This will include training and other forms of personnel development. Additionally, Jace will take charge of managing meetings, handling payroll, and managing other operational tasks that keep this place running smoothly.”

These new responsibilities will be fulfilling challenges, stated Jace. “I am certain that Myke will really push me to achieve in this new position. I am excitedly awaiting the chance to empower the company’s expansion together,” he concluded.

About SLC Events

SLC Events is a contemporary marketing and consulting firm based in Salt Lake CIty, UT. They specialize in creating exclusive interactive promotions that bring consumers and brands together, fuelling brand awareness and profitability. SLC Events’ brand ambassadors use innovative demographic research and market trend analysis to develop their unique outreach initiatives. Their expertise and efficiency create results that are both long-lasting and immediate. SLC Events has successfully served a diverse group of clients, giving them the creativity and flexibility to serve the needs of virtually any industry.