Skyway and Zing Announce Strategic Partnership

Taking the next steps in air traffic control and drone delivery services, Skyway Technologies, an air traffic navigation service provider, and Zing Drone Delivery, an end-to-end drone delivery platform, partner in the journey to provide alternative delivery options across the US.

Skyway Zing Partnership

Skyway Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce its official strategic partnership with Zing Drone Delivery Inc. Joined by innovative autonomous solutions, this partnership will work to regulate protocol within the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market as well as provide autonomous delivery solutions to businesses and residential users within the United States. 

Skyway is an air traffic navigation Provider of Services for UAM (PSU) designed for autonomous aircraft and logistical services. The company's mission is to provide the critical foundation required to create a fair open market economy in the United States. Their goal is to create a safe, scalable infrastructure to support the millions of potential airborne vehicles poised for flight within the next decade.

"The Urban Air Mobility infrastructure we build today will define the new sky economy of tomorrow." - Clifford Cruz - Founder & CEO, Skyway

Zing plans to take part in Skyway's initial beta testing of the platform in Florida in order to deconflict with other drones, air taxis, and other airborne vehicles that are flying in the same vicinity. Zing plans to incorporate Skyway's Application Programming Interface (API) into its proprietary autonomous flight software to help further expand its services. This partnership will enable Zing to add another level of safety to their drone delivery platform as well as remain compliant with federal, state, and local procedures and ordinances.

"Our partnership with Skyway will enable us to begin expanding our operations in Florida. Skyway's unique approach to route planning and air navigation will enable us to plug into Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems and deconflict with other aircraft. We are excited to see what comes of this initiative in 2022." - Ian Annase - Founder & CEO, Zing


Skyway is an air traffic navigation service provider for autonomous aircraft and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems. They provide aircraft conflict resolutions, enhance adherence to federal, state, and local regulations, and provide additional emergency services as a Provider of Services for UAM (PSU).  

Zing is an end-to-end drone delivery platform that enables a pre-existing network of Part 107 licensed pilots to make deliveries using the most common consumer drones on the market. They provide autonomous flight software and transform existing DJI drones into delivery drones with their plug-and-play hardware.


Carlie Buske, Head of Marketing, Skyway:

Lauren Tarpley, Head of Marketing, Zing:

Source: Skyway Technologies Corp.

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Skyway, an Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) operation center and air traffic navigation Provider of Services for UAM (PSU), provides EVTOL and unmanned aircraft airspace mission planning services as well as vertiport airspace management. Skyway’s vertiport development plan is truly comprehensive. As such, partnering with Teal will provide the most reliable power infrastructure possible for Urban Air Mobility. Designed for eVTOL/VSTOL aircraft using IFR and AFR technology, Skyway brings the next evolution in automated traffic services to airline operators.

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