Skyway and TEAL Announce Strategic Collaboration

Skyway and Teal Communications Join Forces to Advance Urban Air Traffic Management and Connectivity

Skyway & TEAL Advance Urban Air Traffic Management and Connectivity

Skyway, an air traffic navigation provider gaining international traction, and Teal, a global network connectivity platform, have partnered to provide reliable communication services for (UAS) Unmanned Aircraft Systems drone operations. Together, Skyway and Teal will provide best-in-class solutions for UTM with access to a reliable and secure global cellular network.

Skyway is a provider of services for urban air mobility, operating as a UTM traffic center for autonomous aircraft that offers mission planning services for unmanned operations and EVTOLs, as well as management of vertiport airspace. Reliable and real-time communication is critical for Skyway's navigation operations as it tracks aircraft location, speed, and altitude, and transfers important data such as unforeseen weather and other hazards. 

Teal offers a convenient eSIM platform that brings simplicity to Skyway's operational pain points by providing a single eSIM SKU that enables on-demand access to any global network at the click of a button. With Teal, Skyway can ensure they always have secure communication capabilities.

Skyway and Teal's strategic partnership brings together the leading UTM solutions provider and the leading eSIM platform to provide a comprehensive suite of services to their users. Teal's eSIM platform enables reliable connectivity anywhere in the world, giving Skyway's navigation services the ability to quickly and securely relay information to unmanned drones and eVTOL aircraft, helping to ensure safe air traffic operations. 

Secure technology is vital for integrating automation into air traffic management, enhancing efficiency and safety. It safeguards sensitive information and ensures its accurate transmission, helping minimize any error that might occur within operations. With the growing complexity of air traffic management and the integration of unmanned aircraft, secure and highly efficient communications are essential to maximizing efficient operations. 

"The data link between ATM operations and remote aircraft is critical," said Clifford Cruz, CEO at Skyway. "Innovating this service for AAM operations at high altitudes reliability will strengthen our strategic client base and value proposition." 

Efficient communications are key in the widespread adoption of automated air technologies and their effective management. Both companies will work together in innovating features that go beyond basic aircraft communications with leading-edge technology. Skyway and Teal services will work to streamline solutions so that customers have access to a wide range of mobility in the years to come.

"We're thrilled to be providing Skyway with a simple solution that enables them to provide reliable connectivity for any mission-critical ATM operations worldwide," said Robert Hamblet, CEO of Teal. 

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Skyway provides UATM and PSU services for UAM, including airspace planning and vertiport management. Learn more about Skyway and its latest partnerships and innovations by following them on all social platforms or visiting

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