SkywardRx Forges Alliance With Victoria’s Voice Foundation to Propel Naloxone Awareness Across Extensive Distribution Channels

SkywardRx, an innovative digital healthcare consulting company, today announced it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Victoria’s Voice Foundation, a nonprofit providing evidence-based drug education and addiction prevention support for families. The collaboration will help accelerate the distribution of educational materials focused on drug prevention and the facilitation of widespread access to naloxone, the lifesaving opioid overdose reversal medication.

Underpinning this innovative alliance, SkywardRx will seamlessly integrate the Foundation’s comprehensive educational training and naloxone awareness program into its multifaceted distribution channels. These channels encompass diverse avenues, such as the widely influential AbundaBox™ HealthPack initiative, their Hosptial 340B program, as well as various Direct-to-Consumer initiatives. The synergy between the two entities aims to create a robust network for disseminating vital information and resources to combat the opioid crisis.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with SkywardRx,” said Jackie and David Siegel, Co-Founders of Victoria’s Voice. “This will enable us to expand the reach of our programming significantly and save even more lives in the years to come.”

“SkywardRx is pleased to join forces with Victoria's Voice to champion drug education and awareness on a national scale,” said Dave Rike, Co-Founder of SkywardRx. “Our ongoing initiatives are already set to reach millions of individuals and families in 2024 alone, and we are poised for even more substantial outreach with opportunities to provide education and awareness to over 10 million people in the early months of 2024.”

Throughout 2024, SkywardRx is rolling out a range of initiatives in partnership with school districts nationwide, aimed at addressing drug education, healthcare provisions, and food insecurity. These multifaceted programs are designed to provide students and their families across the country with access to innovative resources and services, facilitating the process of caring for their loved ones.

About SkywardRx: SkywardRx stands as a leading healthcare consulting firm with a distinguished track record of collaboration with non-profits, hospitals, and Fortune 20 companies. At present, SkywardRx efficiently services over 1 million lives per month through its expansive distribution channels. The company projects an extraordinary impact, with a goal to service over 50 million lives in 2024. Co-founders Dave Rike and Alex Whitacre, both industry stalwarts with over 30 years of combined healthcare experience, bring a wealth of knowledge and success, having successfully built various healthcare enterprises throughout their careers. Their commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare landscape stands as the cornerstone of SkywardRx's mission.

About Victoria’s Voice Foundation: Victoria’s Voice Foundation was established in 2019 by Jackie and David Siegel after losing their 18-year-old daughter to an accidental drug overdose. Victoria’s Voice is dedicated to providing evidence-based drug education and addiction prevention support for families, including access to naloxone. Since its founding, Victoria’s Voice has positively impacted more than one million parents and children through its education programs. Purchase naloxone without a prescription at For more information about Victoria’s Voice, visit or @victoriasvoice.

Source: SkywardRx

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