SKIN46 Launches Kickstarter Debuting Tattoo Ink Made From Human Hair

What better way to show love and loyalty to a person or pet than to 'get them under' the skin? That's exactly what SKIN46 is offering people to be a part of with their new Kickstarter to bring to market safe, high-quality tattoo ink made with human or animal hair.


The tattoo world has certainly been waiting and the good news is finally here. Revolutionary tattoo ink brand SKIN46 recently announced a June 22nd launch date for their new tattoo ink made from human or animal hair, allowing the person tattooed to have a link with their loved one forever. The media coverage, excitement and enthusiasm surrounding SKIN46 are beyond remarkable – mixing the ultra-positive and the just plain shocked.

“This is the world's first biogenic tattoo ink, the only ink, where you can have your loved ones under your skin, physically connected, in a completely new and unique way,” commented Andreas Wampl, founder of SKIN46. “We love all the features on us - pro and even con. It shows we are groundbreakers and trendsetters, and the people who get tattooed with SKIN46 ink are quality people of the same breed!”

In just four months of announcing their pre-release, SKIN46 has seen some stunning statistics surrounding the interest in SKIN46 ink. They include the company managing to get more than 8,000 pre-registration sales; garnering worldwide press from some of the globe's biggest voices like and "Good Morning America"; watching a Business Insider video on SKIN46 get released and earn over two million views; breaking 30,000 shares of SKIN46’s overall social media posts; and receiving the broad endorsement of the best of the tattoo world with more than 100 tattoo parlors across the globe already interested in wholesale orders.

All expectations are for the Kickstarter campaign to be a huge success.

Michelle, a tattooed artist from Boston, remarked in a five-star review: “Finally I get to bring the Frank Sinatra lyrics 'I’ve got you under my skin' into my own life for real. My dog has been a lifesaver for me and I'll be getting a portrait of her with SKIN46 tattoo ink made from her hair as soon as it's available.”

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SKIN46 is a Switzerland based Start-up founded in 2015. Founder & Inventor, Andreas Wampl, patented a method for producing a tattoo ink made of human and/or animal material (hair).

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Andreas Wampl
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