SkillsEngine Launches Suite of HR Data Services That Provide Human-Like Insights for HR Software

Four new specific data services add smart skill analytics to better power HR software

HR Tech Conference & Expo – SkillsEngine today announced it will reveal a suite of new HR data services at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago the first week of October. Software companies will be able to improve talent matching and create intelligent document authoring functionality with advanced artificial intelligence accessible through industry standard APIs.

These new services analyze text and return collections of scored skill metadata such as related occupations, activities, soft skills, tools, and other relevant work-related descriptors. The services consist of four services – Profiler, Matcher, Expander and Warrior. Each API endpoint is designed to address particular talent management and skill alignment challenges.

Developers can integrate these services via APIs to increase the intelligence and extend the capabilities of existing HR software solutions. SkillsEngine will be demoing these new services at the HR Tech Conference & Expo on October 4-6, 2016. Software developers and vendors can secure a demo timeslot by visiting or visiting booth #659.

Product Details:

  • Profiler – addresses the problem of poorly written job postings that hinder finding ideal candidates, especially when resumes lack complete details. Profiler fills in missing context behind the text, generating rich metadata about any unstructured work-related document. Developers can use these tags to significantly improve existing matching algorithms or create intelligent authoring features.

  • Matcher – makes finding the ideal mix of skill requirements for job postings, descriptions, resumes, or lesson plans easier and less time consuming. The service translates any sentence into a set of well-written, structured skills, making the HR process more efficient and cost effective. Create intelligent authoring tools so users can write more descriptive documents from the start.

  • Expander – a deep-learning AI that can metaphorically “read between the lines” of text, distinguishing between what was actually meant vs. what was explicitly written. For instance, Expander can determine that knowledge of a specific software tool also suggests knowledge of several others or tell you what essential soft skills might be implied in a resume. Expander knows, because it’s learned topic relationships from millions of work-related texts.

  • Warrior – bring skills from the battlefield to the labor market with the most comprehensive military to civilian skill translator every created. Service members use military occupation codes and specialities to quickly communicate capabilities. This language is often foreign to the civilian labor market. Warrior bridges this important skills gap by translating MOS codes into familiar occupations and collections of ranked, descriptive skill elements aligned with the civilian labor market. Identify relevant career options, incorporate related work activities into resumes, and identify essential soft skills that clearly communicate veteran capabilities to hiring managers.

“We are entering this market with a new approach to skill analytics that goes beyond keywords and gets into to the meaning behind text,” stated Michael Bettersworth, founder of SkillsEngine. “Recent advances in artificial intelligence now make it possible to make inferences and connections that can dramatically improve talent management solutions. We’re excited to see what HR developers build with these new tools.”

SkillsEngine’s services are best suited to software vendors in the job board, applicant tracking and career services markets, as well as talent management/staffing companies and government labor market organizations with internally developed work-related software packages.

For complete details and product specifics visit or join the SkillsEngine team in Chicago at the HR Tech Conference & Expo at booth #659 from October 4-6, 2016. To secure detailed information or schedule a demo of the data services, contact

About SkillsEngine

SkillsEngine provides advanced software that translates unstructured text into rich occupational metadata. SkillsEngine data services integrate into existing software applications, bringing next-level AI-driven insights that improve matching, enrich reporting, and streamline hiring processes. SkillsEngine is a division of C4EO at TSTC based in Austin, Texas.

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