Skanska Adopts Wisej for Enterprise Web Development Needs

Skanska Uses Wisej to Build Internal Software Suite.

Skanska SPIK Application

Skanska, a multinational construction group, has decided to use Ice Tea Group LLC's Web Development Framework, Wisej, to modernize their complex project management suite to a modern web application. The SPIK software suite covers the entire building process, from early cost estimates to complex project planning, including cost calculations and reporting.

The application, originally written for Windows Desktop, was migrated to Wisej, a web-based .NET solution, at a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken with other web technologies like Angular, Blazor, or ASP.NET. Wisej's modernization toolkit provides an extensive control suite and requires minimal changes to the application's UI and business logic.

The SPIK application, which serves 4,500 users, was completed within one year compared to an internal estimate of approximately 27-man years for a manual rewrite. The deployment cycle has been reduced from one month to under a day, allowing the Skanska team to push updates to users instantaneously.

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Media Contact: Levie Rufenacht


Source: Ice Tea Group, LLC