Sisense Unleashes Powerful End-to-End Analytics Capabilities to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Debuts First Product Integration Milestone Just Six Months Since Periscope Data Merger, Unveils New AI Capabilities

Sisense In-Warehouse Data Prep

Sisense, the world’s leading analytics platform for builders, announced today at AWS re:Invent 2019 a series of innovations that deliver the most advanced analytics to users during a real inflection point in the industry. With Sisense, customers may now take advantage of the two most significant shifts in the business technology landscape in decades: the evolution of an unbundled cloud market and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The first product integration milestone with Periscope Data (In-Warehouse Data Prep), Sisense Forecast, Sisense Quest, and three new capabilities for the embedded market all allow customers to build the most advanced future-ready, enterprise-grade analytic apps in today’s digital era. 

All part of Sisense’s Q4 2019 product release, the updates announced today include:

  • The industry's first in-warehouse data prep module for self-service analytics in multi-cloud environments.

  • Advanced forecasting capabilities using machine-learning to predict future outcomes from seasonal and nonlinear historical data.

  • Highly actionable, out-of-the-box statistical or custom machine learning (ML) models that deliver all users a deeper understanding of their data; and  

  • Numerous tools to create a more seamless experience for developers who wish to embed analytics within a host app, with minimal code.

As the industry’s largest independent, end-to-end business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform on the market, this release solidifies Sisense’s unique capability to empower analytics builders to drive and accelerate the next wave of digital transformation.

“Every modern business needs a great analytics partner. And to be a great analytics partner, the name of the game is data,” said Harry Glaser, CMO & GM at Sisense. “By leveraging the rise of AI and being ahead of the game in today’s multi-cloud world, our central play is to accelerate the distribution of data (wherever it may be) into insights within analytic apps to serve our builders.”

Merger Milestone

While computing power and storage costs of large amounts of raw data on modern cloud data warehouses are inexpensive, the cost for data teams to make sense of and optimize raw data for high-performance analytics is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. To address this, Sisense has developed its In-Warehouse Data Prep. It’s a new module resulting from the merger with Periscope Data just six months ago, that empowers analytics builders in significant ways, including:

  • Enabling them to transform and optimize huge data sets directly on their cloud data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. 

  • Allowing data teams to deliver highly performant self-service analytics for business users from cloud data warehouses, via in-warehouse materialized views created in native SQL.

  • Reducing the burden and bottleneck on data engineers and instead empowering analysts to translate the needs from the business using data, which they are well-suited to do. 

This is the first product integration stemming from the May 2019 merger, and this new capability is available now, directly in the Sisense platform. With today’s announcement, Sisense customers are now able to leverage In-Warehouse Data Prep from Sisense without purchasing a separate Periscope Data by Sisense license. 

Periscope Data by Sisense offers a full suite of capabilities to empower cloud data teams using a combination of SQL, R & Python. Today’s announcement marks the first Periscope Data capability available directly from within the Sisense platform, the ability to leverage In-Warehouse Data Prep to materialize views into their cloud data warehouse.

New AI Capabilities

The Sisense Q4 2019 product release reflects Sisense’s continued investment in AI by delivering two new intuitive AI capabilities that make it easier to deliver a deeper understanding of data—and to make it actionable. Sisense Forecast and Sisense Quest unleash the power of advanced analytics using AI to uncover new insights and value from today’s data. 

  • Sisense Forecast allows customers to predict future outcomes from data using advanced ML-powered forecasting options that can be applied via a simple menu option. Sisense’s new forecasting capabilities are especially valuable on complex, nonlinear data and are differentiated from existing BI solutions, which all mandate integration or require data science platform and expertise, making it challenging and expensive to uncover new insights. 

  • Sisense Quest allows customers to apply advanced analytic models to widgets, offering them a seamless, impactful insight-to-action experience. Sisense Quest provides the ability to deploy both out-of-the-box advanced statistical models and custom ML models using any time-series visualization with a single click. By offering business users the ability to independently explore and modify the models, users can gain a deeper understanding of the data and take action directly at the point of insight. This means both business users and organizations gain an advantage in making better decisions today that lead to better outcomes in the future.

The Sisense Q4 release also include additional capabilities that make it even easier for product teams to build and scale custom actionable analytic apps and seamlessly integrate them into other applications: Embed SDK, New Embedded Dashboard Designer Privileges, and Embed Code UI Generator. Sisense remains wholly committed to the OEM market by making it as simple as possible for any company to embed Sisense’s analytics capabilities into a tightly integrated, white-labeled user experience.

Read more about all of Sisense’s new innovations and product details here.

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