Sisense Integrates With Microsoft Azure Synapse for Unified Data Experience

The New Integration Enables Organizations to More Easily Access Data Stored in Microsoft Azure Synapse for Faster Business Intelligence and Analysis

Sisense, a leading analytics platform for builders, today announced its integration with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, allowing companies to get faster time to insights using either serverless or provisioned resources at scale. The integration allows joint Microsoft and Sisense customers to get breathtaking views of their data in Sisense by leveraging vast amounts of data in Azure Synapse. 

Sisense’s native connectivity to Azure Synapse enables organizations to more easily access and act on business-critical information across the enterprise. Azure Synapse brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics and provides customers with the ability to choose whether they want to query data using serverless or provisioned resources. Both approaches allow customers to benefit from a unified experience for ingesting, preparing, managing, and serving data to address their BI and machine learning (ML) needs. The new connector also reduces potential areas for inefficiencies for Sisense customers that rely on Microsoft Azure cloud services. 

Today’s announcement further reinforces Sisense’s commitment to offering customers rapid time to insight. With the Sisense Connector, Azure Synapse users gain:

  • Scale and speed by importing data from Azure Synapse into Sisense’s unified BI and analytics platform, and the potential of combining it with data from other sources.

  • Valuable insights by leveraging Sisense’s AI-powered self-service interactive dashboards to manage Azure Synapse data in a visual environment.

  • An end-to-end BI and analytics solution that brings in data from Azure Synapse to build Sisense dashboards in minutes and leverages Azure Synapse’s code-free visual environment to manage data pipelines and automate query optimization.

  • Zero IT involvement or custom development. 

“The addition of this powerful integration further validates Sisense’s leadership in infusing agile analytics into every part of an organization and helping customers navigate a business environment that is multi-cloud and data-driven at every level,” said Ashley Kramer, chief product and marketing officer at Sisense. “Whether a business is launching a new product with data at its core or using data to make smarter business decisions, our integration with Microsoft Azure Synapse ensures that our customers have an integrated platform they can use to drive their businesses forward.”

“Azure both delivers and works with partners that offer industry-leading capabilities to deliver data and insights to customers,” said John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, vice president, Azure Data, AI & Edge. “Embedded applications are a driving force behind providing analytics capabilities to any user in an organization. Sisense helps unlock this value for customers.”  

The Sisense Data Connector for Azure Synapse is now fully available at no cost to Sisense and Microsoft customers. For more information about the Sisense Connector for Azure Synapse, go to

About Sisense

Sisense offers an independent analytics platform for simplifying complex data and building and embedding analytic apps capable of delivering insights to everyone inside and outside an organization. Sisense allows builders to collaborate on a single platform, delivered in a hybrid, cloud-native environment with low cost of ownership, for the democratization of data and analytics. 

More than 2,000 customers worldwide, including large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, smaller startups, and nonprofits rely on Sisense. UiPath, Tinder, Philips, Nasdaq, the Salvation Army, and other organizations employ Sisense to turn complex data into insights with the speed, power, and flexibility needed to gain a competitive advantage. Learn more at


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