SIRUI, a Camera Accessories Manufacturer, Released Its 35mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens on INDIEGOGO August 3, 2020

Like the 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens that was launched in INDIEGOGO February 2020, the new SIRUI 35mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens delivers a wider cinematic shot at a great value!

​​​​​​​​​​​​The lens comes with detachable geared rings for the focus and aperture rings, uses a 67mm front filter thread, and has a minimum focus distance of 0.85m (2.8ft). Weighing in at only 700g, this compact, sturdy, and durable lens is perfect for on-the-go filmmaking.

Drawing on our experience with the 50mm Anamorphic Lens, SIRUI has achieved a focal length breakthrough, enabling us to deliver an affordable 35mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens. There is now another high-quality and affordable, wider-frame anamorphic option for cinematographers and cinematic enthusiasts. With the combination of the two SIRUI anamorphic lenses, you can capture your imagination and create breathtaking, cinematic shots.

Built with the highest standards, this brand-new anamorphic pro lens achieves the field of view of a 26.3mm camera lens by widening the horizontal FOV up to 33%. Ideal for users looking for a wider cinematic look, the 35mm Anamorphic Lens is a gamechanger, providing a superb, silky depth of field and oval bokeh.

Break the limitations, break the traditional boundaries. SIRUI’s 35mm lens provides customers with three convertible mounts to adapt to different mirrorless cameras. One mirror with multiple uses makes the product more cost-effective. The new 35mm lens can attach to an M4/3 mirrorless camera and fit onto an APS-C mirrorless camera with a selection of E, EF-M, and Z lens mounts by attaching the optional adapter rings.

Built with a precision optical structure and multiple layers of Nano-coating, SIRUI’s Anamorphic Camera Lens will deliver a vivid, recognizable horizontal blue flare. Another characteristic of the SIRUI Anamorphic Lens is its out-of-focus elements. The lens has a large F1.8 aperture ring, which optimizes the depth of view to create an oval bokeh effect. Each lens has 10 aperture blades that create specular out-of-focus highlights and more pleasing bokeh.

·Lens structure: 13 Elements in 9 Groups
·Aperture blades: 10
·Aperture: f/1.8-f/16
·Support Frame: M4/3
·Shooting distance: 0.85m to infinity
·Focus method: manual focus only
·Maximum magnification: 1:10.63(V), 13.83(H)
·Filter spec: M67 x 0.75
·Rotation angle of the focus ring: 191.2°
·Max. diameter: 71mm/2.79in
·Diameter of the focus ring: 67.2mm/2.65in
·Total length (without lens caps): Approximately 117mm/4.61in
·Weight: Approximately 700g/1.55lbs

Price and Availability

SIRUI’s 35mm f/1.8 Anamorphic Lens is available for pre-order onINDIEGOGO. Bring it home at US$599 with our Super Early Bird Deal (MSRP $799). Orders are estimated to ship Mid-August 2020.


Founded in 2001, Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd is a veteran manufacturer of professional photographic and video support equipment, creating a wonderfully seamless system of tripods, camera monopods, tripod heads,camera humidity control. Now, SIRUI is thrilled to bring users Affordable Anamorphic Lens to cinematize their shots.

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