Sirius Design Group Generates $1.2m Revenue in 4 Years Helping Clients With Digital Real Estate

Sirius Design Group LLC is a Global Leader and Innovator in Digital Real Estate and Intellectual Property Monetization.

Digital Real Estate Investing

Sirius Design Group is helping clients around the globe find the financial freedom they desire through digital real estate investing. This includes Websites, Smartphone Apps, e-Commerce stores, Blogs and more.

Buying an established online business enables clients to capitalize on an already profiting passive income vehicle with minimal moving parts. The extensive groundwork is already done. Owning Digital Real Estate is a stable investment that is less time involved than owning a physical business and can be further expanded in a client’s spare time until they make it their full-time income.

The goal of Sirius Design Group is teaching their clients self-empowerment through digital entrepreneurship and passive income so they can achieve financial freedom and enjoy a much greater work-life balance.

Sirius utilizes a proprietary blend of high-tech marketing strategy and unparalleled innovation in online business startup, growth, and digital business development. Founded in 2015, by William and Eva, the company has generated more than $1.2m in revenue in just four years’ time.

“Our proven results come from practical experience backed by our unparalleled commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support,” says William Sault, Founder of Sirius Design Group. “We are very proud to provide our clients with a personal touch to our customer service, including post-acquisition on-site training, corporate training, and business development coaching, enabling them to meet and exceed their goals.”

“At this time, we have no intentions on going public. Our primary goal right now is just continuing to grow and evolve, continue helping clients, particularly corporate clients with digital real estate and go from there,” says William.

Clients have positive praise for the company for their work in helping them reach their financial goals and in creating a more progressive and stable asset portfolio that meets the demands of a continually changing economic environment. For more information, visit

About Sirius Design Group LLC

Sirius Design Group is a private digital company based in Palo Alto California serving clients around the globe. For more information, visit

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About Sirius Design Group LLC

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Founded in 2015, Sirius Design Group LLC is a Global Leader and Innovator in Digital Real Estate, Passive Income and Intellectual Property Monetization. We offer our Clients a Proprietary Blend of Unparalleled Digital Innovation.

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