SIPPIO Unveils Microsoft Operator Connect for Partners

SIPPIO launches a game-changing new program to revolutionize the Operator Connect experience for MSPs, Resellers, Systems Integrators and Carriers.

SIPPIO Operator Connect for Partners

In an industry-first, SIPPIO, the global leader in voice enablement, is launching its new program for Microsoft Operator Connect. Built on SIPPIO's award-winning platform, this pioneering initiative will empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Resellers and Systems Integrators to package and sell Operator Connect subscriptions for Microsoft Teams Phone, while enabling Carriers to build and nurture partner ecosystems.

Demand for Microsoft Teams Phone is soaring, and SIPPIO is carving out a unique advantage for its partners, ensuring they are positioned to seize market demand and capitalize on the lucrative opportunities that lie ahead.

Effective immediately, MSPs, Resellers, and Systems Integrators can initiate and roll out their own Operator Connect solutions, in partnership with SIPPIO. The platform integrates CPQ, e-commerce, automated activations, and service management within a single, easy-to-use dashboard, setting the stage for an immediate market launch. Alongside SIPPIO's strategic guidance, sales expertise, and marketing support, partners are equipped to impact this burgeoning market.

"SIPPIO is a channel-only provider, and our existence is rooted in the success of our partners. Their growth is the lifeblood of our business, and we are steadfastly committed to developing products that serve their evolving needs in the rapidly growing voice industry," says Adam Cole, CEO at SIPPIO.

For carriers considering or already integrated with Operator Connect, the initiative presents the opportunity to cultivate and evolve their partner networks with n-tier access across the SIPPIO platform. This enables carriers to onboard new and existing partners seamlessly, with a market-leading, ready-to-use solution at their disposal.

"SIPPIO stands as the premier platform that fosters the creation of a truly commercial ecosystem centered around Microsoft Operator Connect. Our pilot partners' extraordinary results validate our vision and strategy. We are incredibly excited and geared up to roll out this revolutionary framework to our community," states Steve Forcum, Director of Program Management at SIPPIO.

Operator Connect revolutionizes the integration of voice calling within Teams, allowing organizations to activate Microsoft Teams Phone easily. By replacing complex, outdated PBX technology with a modern, streamlined solution, it serves as a facilitator for enhanced communication and collaboration.

Since its launch in 2019, SIPPIO's rise has been meteoric, with triple-digit year-over-year growth with near-perfect 99.99% customer retention. The company is an industry leader, playing an essential role in integrating voice services in Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

SIPPIO Operator Connect for Partners is now available globally. 


SIPPIO is an award-winning voice enablement platform that offers the easiest way to enable PSTN calling in Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Available in 70+ countries, organizations worldwide trust SIPPIO to keep their people connected, productive, and engaged. As an accelerator for Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange, SIPPIO also enables carriers and service providers to build and launch customer-focused voice experiences using its future-proof infrastructure, software, automation, and API layers.

Source: SIPPIO