SIPPIO Celebrates Landmark Year With Exceptional Growth in Voice

SIPPIO announces 157% year-over-year growth and a 45,000-seat commitment for Operator Connect.

SIPPIO platform enables calling in Microsoft Teams and Zoom

SIPPIO, the global leader in voice enablement for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, is celebrating a year of substantial performance, with a 157% increase in year-over-year growth. Complementing this achievement, the company has secured a significant 45,000-seat commitment for Operator Connect from one of the world’s largest global service providers. This success highlights the surging demand for Microsoft Teams Phone and Zoom Phone, signaling a significant shift towards collaboration-based voice in the workplace.

Steve Forcum, Director of Programs at SIPPIO, comments, "This year's achievements are not just a win for SIPPIO but a clear signal to the industry. The shift to voice-in-collaboration is not just imminent; it's here. The market is ripe for growth, and with SIPPIO, the potential for expansion and success is immense. With the advancements in AI and the recent announcement of Microsoft Copilot, it's evident that legacy systems will soon be a relic of the past. This is the future of voice – a ground-breaking shift – and arguably the biggest advancement we've seen in this space in over half a century."

As companies adapt to flexible and hybrid work environments, the need for efficient, cloud-based communication solutions has never been more critical. SIPPIO has been at the forefront of this transformation, empowering carriers and managed service providers to offer streamlined voice experiences to their customers.

Earlier this year, SIPPIO unveiled its Operator Connect for Partners program to complement its existing Operator Connect Accelerator program. This initiative allows carriers and partners to seamlessly integrate as Operator Connect providers for Microsoft Teams Phone through the SIPPIO platform. Designed by Microsoft, Operator Connect simplifies the activation of Microsoft Teams Phone with telecom providers, offering a user-friendly and efficient onboarding process.

SIPPIO anticipates significant growth in this market over the next 12 months as more enterprise organizations and SMBs become acquainted with Microsoft Teams Phone and start to maximize their existing investments in Microsoft 365. This expansion is expected to open new avenues for communication, further solidifying the role of modern, integrated voice solutions in the business landscape.

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