SIPPIO Announces Launch of SIPPIO Mobile

Expanded product catalog will enhance Microsoft Teams Phone experience, in partnership with Tango Networks.

SIPPIO, the global leader in voice enablement, has today unveiled SIPPIO Mobile, powered by Tango Networks. This launch kicks off a series of partnerships and product expansions designed to enhance the Microsoft Teams Phone experience, improve customer value, boost channel partner revenue, and strengthen customer retention.

"We’re partnering with top technology providers to bring best-of-breed solutions into the SIPPIO ecosystem,” says Steve Forcum, Director of Program Management at SIPPIO. “This move underscores our commitment to redefining cloud communications with unmatched simplicity, efficiency, and a seamless experience for both partners and customers.”

SIPPIO's expanding solution library will streamline procurement and integration for channel partners, offering a single point of contact for a range of high-quality solutions, reducing complexity and accelerating the deployment of new technologies within organizations.

Introducing SIPPIO Mobile, powered by Tango Networks

SIPPIO Mobile will combine SIPPIO's cloud communications expertise with Tango Networks' innovative Fixed Mobile Convergence technology, Tango Extend, to deliver a seamless, unified communication experience across mobile and desktop devices. For customers, this means unparalleled flexibility, productivity, and improved cost efficiency.

By integrating mobile devices directly into corporate communication systems without needing app-based solutions, SIPPIO Mobile enables employees to stay connected anytime, anywhere, using their existing corporate identity. This integration simplifies communication workflows and ensures robust security and compliance, making it an ideal solution for businesses to empower their workforce in today's mobile-first world.

Expanding Opportunities for Channel Partners & Service Providers

“The new services from SIPPIO are a win-win for customers and channel partners. Customers get the benefit of a best-of-breed ecosystem to support Microsoft Teams without the integration headaches. Channel partners benefit with higher ASPs but by also having a more strategic relationship with its customers”  
– Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst ZK Research

SIPPIO Mobile opens new avenues for channel partners, enabling them to offer a more comprehensive suite of services. By enhancing the Microsoft Teams Phone experience with additional services, partners can significantly increase the average revenue per user and improve customer stickiness, ensuring long-term success and profitability.

Service providers can differentiate their Operator Connect offerings with SIPPIO Mobile's fixed-mobile convergence capability. SIPPIO's fast, flexible platform accelerates time to revenue while delivering a cutting-edge, mobile-first Microsoft Teams experience. This strengthens client relationships and positions service providers as technology leaders, driving sustained growth in the dynamic communications landscape.

About Tango Networks

Tango Networks is a pioneering force in providing cutting-edge mobile telecommunications solutions for enterprises globally. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Tango Networks continues to revolutionize how businesses connect and communicate in a mobile-centric world.


SIPPIO is an award-winning voice enablement platform that is the fastest way to enable calling in Microsoft Teams and Zoom. As an accelerator for Operator Connect and Provider Exchange, SIPPIO enables carriers and service providers to build and launch customer-focused voice experiences using its future-proof infrastructure, software, automation, and APIs.

Source: SIPPIO