Singularity Studio Launches and Receives VC Investment to Develop the Singularity Metaverse

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Singularity Studio (SS) is a metaverse development company and creator of the successful GameFi dapp, Zoo Crypto World (ZooCW) on the Binance Smart Chain. SS has brought together experienced blockchain pioneers and talented traditional gaming experts with the goal of connecting the digital and physical into a dual-metaverse. It takes capital and execution to bring an idea to life; SS's vision has been captured by the venture capitalist firms Spartan Capital and 40k Ventures whose seed investments allow SS to devote itself entirely to building the Singularity Metaverse. Additionally, the budding relationships SS is nurturing with Binance Labs and Google Cloud are playing a pivotal role in the development of the Metaverse.

SS has been greatly influenced by great minds, such as Shaan Puri, who has described digital assets like Bored Apes NFTs to Rolex and Fortnite Skins to skinny jeans. SS believes, like Shaan Puri, that digital assets will continue to be esteemed as valuable assets. SS's primary goal is to provide a seamless medium for users to connect the physical to the digital. SS is focused on revolutionizing technology by integrating gaming, finance, social platforms and more in an accessible metaverse.

Doing Great Things with Technology

SS is stepping up to the plate and looking to hit a grand slam in this exciting shift from traditional technological connectivity to a new era where new heights are reached through the Metaverse's physical-digital integration.

The Metaverse is not simply social media or gaming - it is a virtual world that bridges the current physical-digital gap. Money earned in the one world can be converted to sustenance in the other. This opens possibilities of generating wealth outside of the "grind" most people face day in and day out. The Singularity Metaverse will bridge together the current physical and digital gap in both gaming and finance.

SS is striving to match the products across varying ecosystems that are incubated within the Metaverse. This will allow the Metaverse users to not only participate and grow within SS-developed property but also within any properties rolled out inside the Metaverse. SS is working toward seamless deployment of technologies, which include UGC Platforms, Cloud Gaming, 5G, AI, VR/AR, and NFTs.

Infinite Possibilities Limited Only by Imagination

The vision of the Singularity Metaverse is one of grandeur and magnitude. It is a large, cosmic ecosystem that adds to its richness as projects and world are added. The SS Team is working toward developing independent products that interconnect within the Metaverse. The first project to illuminate the cosmic beauty of the Singularity Metaverse is none other than ZooCW - and as such, ZooCW has become a fixed star within the Singularity Metaverse.

SS is excited to announce the development of two new projects, A-Impact and 2045 QI.

A-Impact will create the framework of financial systems within the Singularity Metaverse. It is a real-time, multilateral dynamic trading system. The financial system of all products within the Metaverse will connect to physical financial systems, thus impacting the physical world.

2045QI will bring users an immersive, digital world. Users that crave in-depth digital exploration will be able to find what they crave. 2045QI will feature economic, gaming, social, and futuristic elements.

Singularity Studio will continue to bring more products to the Metaverse. These products are differentiated from mobile games or online games in the traditional sense. The products are being developed with perpetuity in mind - once they are launched, they will last forever.

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