SimplyRFID's Wave RFID-Based Asset Tracking Platform Now Available for $99/Month

Affordable, high-speed asset tracking finally available to benefit nearly every industry.

SimplyRFID, a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems, is now offering its asset tracking capabilities through its PAWN inventory management platform for only $99 per month. Businesses can now leverage the platform's radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to perform audits and keep track of inventory and assets at a fraction of the cost of competing services. 

Tracking corporate assets can be a tedious and time-consuming task without the appropriate resources. This is especially true in the case of companies that have multiple offices and influxes of remote workers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With SimplyRFID's asset tracking system, companies can track IT equipment, employee laptops, printers, desks, and other items with ease. By increasing the visibility of these assets, SimplyRFID's platform can transform asset tracking processes that typically take days to complete into simple tasks that can be finished within minutes. 

"RFID makes counting your IT equipment easy, fast, and super-accurate," said Carl Brown, CEO at SimplyRFID. "After investing 15 years in creating the world's best asset tracking platform, we built a modular system that is optimized for what asset tracking professionals need. We're excited to deploy $100,000 worth of hardware and software for just $100. By combining the most powerful handheld on the market in the iPhone with the CS108 and the SimplyRFID Wave software, we plan to revolutionize the world of asset tracking." 

With manual processes, one must mark IT equipment with a corporate "asset tag" when installing or receiving items. With RFID, the same process is automated, providing long-term speed benefits. RFID tags are used in place of assets tags - these tags associate the item to the tag number automatically, which in turn expedites the auditing process. While regular barcode or number-based asset tags may be great for accuracy purposes, there are additional labor costs that come with manual processes that are not a factor with RFID. 

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SimplyRFID is a software and hardware development company that makes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. We track millions of IT servers, trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and regular old laptops all over the world.

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