SimplyRFiD Updates Its Wave RFID Inventory App to Create the Most Powerful, Portable Handheld Ever


​​​SimplyRFiD built its WAVE app to be one thing: the premier enterprise inventory management choice. WAVE runs on Apple iPhone and iPod devices and works seamlessly with the CSL CS108 RFID Handheld. Focusing on the reliability, speed and elegance of Apple hardware and leveraging early access to unreleased CS108 APIs that give it monstrous capability over other handhelds, SimplyRFiD created the most powerful handheld inventory RFID system available.

SimplyRFiD’s WAVE app is part of SimplyRFID’s enterprise-grade PAWN (Pogi, Aura, Wave, Nerv) IoT inventory system. The WAVE app can handle more than 1,000,000 unique inventory / fixed asset items. It works stand-alone or with multiple WAVE handhelds synchronizing automatically.

Security and Speed

Using the lowest cost Apple device, an iPod ($199), Wave supports 1,000,000 unique assets per location -- online or off-line -- the only mobile system offering this. “You’ll have a lot more fun using the iPhone 11 Pro Max ($1,099),” said Carl Brown, President of SimplyRFiD. “Using the latest Apple hardware just makes sense. Your inventory and data exchange should be fast. Saving time means less fatigue and smarter work. Use the best tools available. Combining the CS108 with Apple, we used the most powerful handheld RFID sled available with the fastest display device available.” 

For security, customer data is stored on several AWS (Amazon Web Services) enterprise grade servers. Each customer’s data is in its own AWS cloud instance and never comes near another customer’s data set.

“Security, reliability, speed, and scalability -- in that order,” said James Martin, CTO of SimplyRFiD. “We don’t take a chance with customer data. Data bleed over from a programming mistake could cost our reputation forever. AWS runs the world’s premier data network and we use every metric available to protect customer data.”

Flexibility in days, not months

Frame Source Group (FSG) selected SimplyRFiD to build their eyewear tracking system destined for 1,600 eyeglass shops across the USA. When FSG saw Wave they knew it was world-class and what they needed. SimplyRFiD worked with the FSG team and modified the Wave app to meet their custom needs in days.

“RFID technology is a true asset to any Dr.’s office looking for a quick and easy solution to do a complete frame inventory of thousands of frames within minutes,” said Greg Smith, President of Frame Source Group. “Fairly priced, easily implemented and ready-to-use after installation with endless possibilities. FSG listens to the needs of small business customers because of its passion to help each office succeed!”


SimplyRFID’s WAVE2 software with online storage will be available for $50/month starting July 1, 2020. WAVE1 is available today. Powerful and beautiful RFID inventory systems are available starting at $1,795.

Limited invitations for Wave2 early adopters are available now, contact SimplyRFID.​​

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Source: SimplyRFiD