SimplyRFiD Launches Same-Day SGTIN RFID Encoding Service for Retail

SimplyRFiD fixed the DoD RFID mandate 15 years ago with their Pro-Tags XTraveler's. In 2007, the RFID mandate was 138 pages of specifications reduced to a one-page picture guide. Today, the SGTIN mandate has bloated to 314 pages, and SimplyRFiD does it again, reducing it to a tagline: Peel-Stick-Ship.


Retailers have moved from UPC barcodes to RAIN RFID tags for inventory control. RAIN RFID tags contain the UPC number encoded into an inexpensive (pennies per tag) microchip and embedded into the price tags attached to each product. When a UPC is encoded into a RAIN RFID tag, it is referred to as an SGTIN (a technical way of saying a "UPC with a serial number", or 'serialized global trade identification number'). When that data is stored in the RAIN RFID tag, it's called the EPC (electronic product code).

Walmart released a mandate last year detailing inventory items that must be tagged with an SGTIN RFID tag. This mandate made a rush by Walmart suppliers to meet requirements and confusion on how to do it the best way.

An Easy Portal for SGTIN RFID

SimplyRFiD launched an online portal that accepts a list and quantity of each UPC and turns around same-day shipping of SGTIN-encoded RAIN RFID tags on orders confirmed by 4 pm in the USA. 

A getting started with SGTIN RFID guide ("10 tips for complying with the retail SGTIN RFID mandate") makes it clear how easy it is to convert from barcode to RFID.

SimplyRFiD also makes Wave -- an iOS app that simplifies retail inventory with RFID and helps combat chargebacks for manufacturers.

Online shipping portals will also be available in Q2 2023 for China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.  

Contact SimplyRFiD to learn more about same-day SGTIN encoding.

Source: Simply RFiD