SimplyRFiD Brings Powerful Inventory Tracking Systems to Small Entrepreneurs in the Retail Industry

Small business entrepreneurs have the tools like never before to grow and scale their business with SimplyRFiD's retail inventory and asset tracking systems.

​​​​​​​It can be an incredible challenge for small businesses to take on international supply chain management. Knowing where all the products are and ensuring they don’t get lost in the process is a challenging task for even the largest of corporations. SimplyRFiD is helping small entrepreneurs manage complex asset management; in just seconds, businesses can verify the accuracy of shipments, meaning less missed shipments and no lost inventory.

“SimplyRFiD's solution allows us to track inventory location in real-time,” says Akash Bajaj, Owner of Advance Apparels and SimplyRFiD customer. “As our business began growing in terms of number of SKUs, and more specifically warehouse locations, it became more challenging to track inventory levels and more importantly tracking inventory location. Inability to locate a specific SKU in a timely manner resulted in loss of sales and efficiency.”

Automation will be a key component of Akash’s ability to scale up his operations and grow his business. SimplyRFiD is the ideal solution to help solve the challenges of not only managing inventory but doing it in a way that’s effective, modern and fast. Akash adds, “A simple scan of a small area within our warehouse with SimplyRFiD’s handheld scanner reveals all SKUs that are stored within a pallet rack. In addition, a quick scan as boxes transfer between our multiple warehouse locations automatically keeps track of stock movement saving us time and increasing our accuracy. Now I can open up the Wave mobile app and know exactly where a specific box is, as shown on Google Maps.”

​SimplyRFiD works out of the box, ready to help businesses optimize their inventory and asset management. It allows customers to scale accordingly depending on business needs and in terms of how much information is necessary for the assets being tracked. Technology once thought to be reserved for the largest, most cutting-edge companies is now available for smaller entrepreneurs. 

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About Advance Apparels:
Since 2002, Advance Apparels has been a premier supplier of women's garments. With two factories in India, Advance Apparels has brought high-quality products to its customers that have kept up with fashion trends and the wholesale marketplace.

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