Simple Lighting Offering High-Performance LED Strip Lights for Kitchens to Wholesale and Trade Customers

Simple Lighting, a top-rated LED lighting company in the UK, is offering a range of high-performance LED strip lights for kitchens to wholesale and trade customers at great savings

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Simple Lighting is an LED lighting products company with a focus on customer satisfaction. Based in Birkenhead, Simple Lighting continues to bring forth a range of lighting products for domestic, wholesale and trade customers since 2009. The products are impressive in terms of quality, performance and energy efficiency and backed by competitive pricing and up to seven years warranty. The lighting company is investing heavily in R&D, which is an ideal way to make quantitative and qualitative improvements in products and systems. It has also invested in infrastructure, which speaks for a modern production facility and an expansive warehouse.       

Replying to a query related to Simple Lighting’s product portfolio, one of its executives recently stated, “Simple Lighting is a home to a vast selection of superior yet affordable LED lighting products. We stock and supply products in several categories, including LED Lighting, LED Tape, LED Strip Lights, Kitchen Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Ceiling Lights and Decorative Home Lighting. Given our well-insulated R&D department and passion for innovation, we can unleash new products into the market consistently. Moreover, we also source product lines from other esteemed lighting manufacturers to meet the market needs comprehensively.”  

Simple Lighting brings to the table an industry-leading customer support service. The service is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly professionals who are happy to provide answers to technical questions and deliver complete buying assistance and issue resolution. Going beyond the norm, they also tailor buying solutions based on the client’s needs and budget. Moreover, Simple Lighting operates with a sustainable conscious to cut down carbon footprint, whenever and wherever possible. Simple Lighting holds true to its CSR objectives by supporting several local community causes and charities with time and funds. 

Offering information on the LED strip lights for kitchens on offer, the executive further stated, “Simple Lighting features a range of LED strip lights and Rigid Bars for kitchens. Our offerings are energy-efficient, reliable and visually appealing, helping infuse new life into the kitchens with a sleek and modernistic feel. We feature an exhaustible selection of LED strip lights for kitchens to meet every need, taste and budget. Wholesale and trade customers can find several length options and light colours, including the dimmable LEDs that are a rage currently.” 

With Simple Lighting, the wholesaler is free to opt for any light from the available options, such as warm white rated at 3000K, natural white rated at 4000K rated and cool white with 6000K rating. The dimmable kitchen LED strip lights provide the user complete control over brightness, thanks to their controllers and special drivers. Special models equipped with a motion sensor that can toggle the lights on/off are also readily available. Given Simple Lighting’s competitive pricing, those wanting to buy LED strip lights for kitchens can save big. 

About Simple Lighting:  
Simple Lighting is a revered LED lighting company based in Birkenhead. It features a broad product range with inclusions like LED Lighting, LED Tape, LED Strip Lights, Kitchen Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Ceiling Lights and Decorative Home Lighting. Thanks to its focus on quality and affordability, Simple Lighting continues to be a preferred resource for online chrome floor lamps in UK and fire rated downlights online.  

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Simple Lighting is a revered LED lighting company based in Birkenhead.

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