Simple Laboratories Launches New Division 'Simple Ready' to Help Organizations Get Back to Work and Life

COVID Management Platform Aims to Become Leader in Emerging Constituent Health Services Industry

Simple Laboratories today announced the launch of Simple Ready, the first end-to-end COVID management solution focused on organizations where people gather — including schools, offices, and venues. The testing and technology platform keeps constituents safe regardless of vaccination status and offers vaccine verification, customized testing, health passes, corporate reporting, and government compliance. Simple Ready is a division of Simple Laboratories LLC.

"In short, we help organizations ensure a safe environment, a healthy staff, and full government compliance — while reducing anxiety and confusion about COVID," says Narni Yoder, CSO, partner and co-founder of Simple Laboratories. "Whether the mandate is from the government, the board or employees, every executive knows that COVID management is an essential component in a return-to-work, return-to-office (RTW, RTO) strategy. But it's still a blind spot for many organizations. We have built an exciting program to solve this problem."

According to Yoder, Simple Ready offers organizations a number of services in the fight to get people back to work and life. A comprehensive COVID management program including:

  • Vaccine status and verification. Constituents can upload vaccine and booster cards and have them verified by experts before a record of compliance is created.
  • At-home and on-site testing. Simple Ready can ship skilled healthcare workers to client locations for testing and collecting OR send self-collection kits to wherever constituents need them. 
  • PCR and Rapid Tests. Simple Ready offers rapid tests for immediate entry eligibility AND PCR tests for more sensitive results that are regulatorily accepted.
  • Travel Services. Simple Ready can work with employees who need to travel to ensure they have what they need to board their planes.
  • Communication. Simple Ready has experienced content creators on staff to ensure that client messaging is effective and well-received.

Simple Ready's portal (SRP) has been built with Silicon Valley experts to ensure that it is easy to operate and fulfills the spectrum of client needs. Patient registration and scheduling are QR code- or link-based and require no additional software installation. Clients have simple websites available for watching test orders, viewing results, seeing trends over time, and managing disparate locations. And, finally, as government mandate requirements are rolled out, Simple Ready's portal has API interfaces that will communicate proof of compliance directly with agencies.

A primary tenant of Simple Ready is that organizations should not be engaged in the vaccination debate. "From supply chain issues to staffing shortages, companies face many issues right now. The last thing they want to be involved with is a debate between vaccinated and unvaccinated members of their workforce," says Yoder. "Whether vaccinated, sufficiently tested, or both, Simple Ready offers executives the power to know that everyone on their staff is protected (and protecting) without ever wading into the waters of politics." 

Simple Ready's systems, sales staff, couriers, and laboratory have been ready and available as of Jan. 10. The website and sales process make signing up easy and most clients can be up and running within one week of introduction. Furthermore, as industry prices are falling, companies will find Simple Ready's pricing some of the lowest in the industry. "Prospective clients working with other labs are often surprised to learn that we can offer pricing that is — quite literally — half what they are currently paying," says Yoder. "And when anticipated legislation materializes that mandates insurance coverage of surveillance testing, we are ready to shift most of those costs away from the client."

According to the World Health Organization in a recent brief on SARS-CoV-2, there has been a lack of consistency in policy recommendations surrounding COVID-19 workplace issues. "There clearly is a great need for what Simple Ready offers now and in the future and we are excited to start with a program for companies to address their COVID challenges in a way that is predictable, pleasant, and productive for their constituents," Yoder says.

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About Simple Ready

Simple Ready is a professional services company offering constituent health management services. The organization was established in 2022 as a division of Simple Laboratories to offer businesses and organizations an end-to-end COVID management program featuring vaccine verification, at-home and on-site COVID testing, organizational and government reporting, health-based access passes, travel services, and program design (consulting services). Simple Ready is the first program that takes the confusion out of COVID management and brings the people back in.

About Simple Laboratories

Simple Laboratories is a full-service, state-of-the-art laboratory founded in 2014, with local roots going back 30 years. Simple Laboratories is the largest clinical reference laboratory in Chicagoland. Simple Laboratories employs over 250 dedicated and passionate employees working in laboratory, specimen processing, courier, technology, administrative, finance, customer service, and sales. Simple Laboratories services healthcare providers throughout Illinois, Indiana, and other locations across the country.

Contact: Randolph Pitzer ( or 630.210.1631)

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