Simple Application of Detectamet File Holder Could Save Pupils Lives

A School bought ten red Detectamet file pockets to hold emergency instructions on walls and save critical time when lifesaving action is needed.

 A UK School has recently found a new use for Detectamet’s wall mountable file pockets. They have just bought ten red versions to hold emergency instruction files in easy to find locations. The bright red color will attract immediate attention and save critical time when rapid lifesaving action is needed.

“We produce metal detectable products to improve food safety.” said James Chrismas, Detectamet’s MD, “To help to reduce the risks to school pupils in an emergency is a real bonus.” 

"It is assuring to know that in the stress of life threatening crisis Detectamet's red file pockets provide a focus point for finding help"

Angela Musson Smith, President

The resilient Emergency File Holders are available in nine colors so they can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are especially useful in food processing areas because they are made from detectable materials that can be identified by metal and X-Ray inspection equipment and rejected.

By combining the red File Holder with Detectamet’s red Ring Binder or red Clip Board an organisation’s Safety Officer can make even better provisions for emergency action.  For more information contact james.chismas at


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Detectamet is based near York in the UK. The company has for twelve years been supplying food production companies with tools and equipment made from metal and X-ray detectable plastics and from stainless steel.

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