Simio and Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) Increase Productivity in the Smart Factory Through Simulation and Scheduling

Simio LLC is proud to announce their latest collaboration as an industry partner with the Chicago-based DMDII

Renee Thiesing

Simio LLC is proud to announce their latest collaboration as an industry partner with the Chicago-based Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII).

As the United States’ flagship research institute for applying cutting-edge digital technologies, the DMDII is meeting the challenge of the digital revolution in the manufacturing context to provide U.S. factories with the resources they need to compete effectively in the rapidly changing marketplace.

Led by UI LABS, a University and Industry collaboration, the DMDII is a network of 14 institutes, each focusing on a specific area of technology that is revolutionizing manufacturing. Their vision is to fully develop and demonstrate each area before commercial deployment. Giving companies of all sizes a front row seat to see these new developments in action, the DMDII allows them to discover answers to their manufacturing problems through technology that is available today rather than in the distant future.

Simio’s collaboration with DMDII brings simulation to the forefront of cutting-edge projects, bringing benefits throughout the product lifecycle - in design and development, on the factory floor and throughout the connected supply chain.

Manufacturers are turning to Simio simulation and scheduling software to analyse real-world conditions at every stage of the production process, helping to improve their business performance and maximize results through resource optimization and risk reduction. An essential tool for the Smart Factory, Simio Simulation Software sits comfortably alongside the other enablers of Industry 4.0.

Vice President of Strategic Alliances Renee Thiesing sees Simio's new technology partnership with DMDII as a great step forward in the advancement of manufacturing innovation.

"As experts in simulation and scheduling software, Simio is a perfectly placed industry partner with DMDII, contributing to the development of new manufacturing solutions and in the process of bringing them to life in the factory of the future," says Ms. Thiesing.

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