Silver's Advisor Harmony Pilot Program to Provide Open Digital Wealth Platform for Shareholders Service Group (SSG)

​​​​​​Silver Wealth Technologies, a leading provider of digital wealth management solutions, today announced an exclusive pilot program of its Advisor Harmony solution for select independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) that use the brokerage and custodial services of Shareholders Service Group (SSG). Advisor firms of all shapes and sizes want to take advantage of today's modern, innovative wealth applications. Unfortunately, their ability to do so is often hampered by cookie-cutter technology platforms with all-in-one, bundled pricing that do not align with the advisor's business model.

Advisor Harmony provides an open digital wealth platform that grows and adjusts to meet the unique needs of each individual advisory firm -- regardless of its size or type of offering. This is accomplished by using multi-level data enrichment features, an ever-expanding list of integrated wealth applications with unbundled pay-only-for-what-you-use pricing, an easy-to-use portal, and seamless data integration with SSG.

"Independent RIAs require cutting-edge technology in order to achieve the goal of providing the best service and solutions for their clients," said Dan Skiles, President of SSG. "Our new initiative with Silver Wealth Technologies is another great opportunity to help independent RIAs realize this goal."

"We are excited to work closely with SSG to provide a powerful open digital wealth platform that will expand and scale with each independent RIA's business," said Blake Henry, Silver's CEO and Managing Partner. "Advisor Harmony will allow each independent RIA to orchestrate their own unique platform by plugging in purpose-built applications from Silver and our Via Harmony partners while only paying for those services they elect to use."

Silver's Advisor Harmony pilot program will commence later this year and will be generally available -- including access to Via Harmony partner applications -- just prior to the Annual SSG Conference in San Diego, April 22-24, 2020.



Shareholders Service Group (SSG) provides brokerage and custodial services exclusively for independent registered investment advisors (RIAs). SSG provides a full range of brokerage and back office service and support with a robust technology platform, access to a full suite of investment vehicles, and a highly experienced service team that only serves independent RIAs. The company was founded in 2002, and currently serves approximately 1,600 advisory firms throughout the country. The management team began serving independent RIAs in the 1980s.

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Source: Silver Wealth Technologies