Silicon Valley Tech Veteran Brings Techniques From Growing Startups to Help Professionals Leap Their Career

Career Changes Made Easy Through Exclusive Program and Network

Ilana Golan, Founder of CareerLeap, Opening keynote on CareerLeap & growth

Golan Ventures today announced expanding the CareerLeap Program, with the goal of helping thousands of individuals leap to leadership or start their own businesses.

This program, which has already taken corporate leaders of Silicon Valley and Israel by storm, has now formed an exclusive LEAP Network where professionals help one another shift careers.

The inventor of CareerLeap is Ilana Golan, a tech executive, entrepreneur, and investor who created a proven step by step technique to career changes. As Ilana says: “I’ve been teaching startups how to grow in some of the biggest startup-accelerators in the world when I suddenly realized, it should be the exact same structure to help individuals grow.”

This program has already seen unparalleled results with professionals shifting career directions and starting their own businesses. “Now, by also being part of an exclusive network we can help even more professionals gain confidence, find their career direction, craft their personal story, boost their reputation and broaden their network so they can leap fast and successfully,” says Ilana.

Deby Shevat, one of the program participants who recently started her own business said: “The diversity of experiences and skills within the network makes it extremely valuable and an important part of one’s leap… I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

Cherie Reed, a tech veteran, joined CareerLeap confused about what she wants to do next. A few weeks into the program, she realized she is passionate about starting a Vegan Market. She quit her tech roles and started her own business in less than 60 days. She wrote: “You and the Team Made this happen. I am so grateful I joined!”

Live launch-webinar describing the program and network, will take place Monday, April 27 at 11 a.m. Pacific. For registration to the live webinar visit

About Golan Ventures: We help companies, teams, and individuals grow.

Comprised of three business units and unique growth strategies that create real transformations.

Founded by Ilana Golan, growth strategist, business leader, Forbes contributor, and public speaker. CareerLeap program, within Golan Ventures, is helping professionals leap their careers through a proven technique, expert guidance, and exclusive network. For more information about Ilana Golan and CareerLeap please visit

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Golan Ventures is the leader in growth strategies for individuals, teams, and companies. CareerLeap program, within Golan Ventures, is helping professionals leap their careers through a proven technique, expert guidance, and exclusive network.

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