SIK Law to Offer Free Criminal Defense Representation for Violations of Governor Cuomo's 10-Person Private Residence Declaration

Seth I. Koslow, Esq., of SIK Law, a Law Firm specializing in Criminal Defense, believes that Governor Cuomo’s declaration limiting the number of people in private residences is both unfair and unconstitutional. Furthermore, he believes that enforcement of this declaration is virtually impossible. Notwithstanding the fact that countless police officers and agencies have indicated that they will not enforce the 10-person limit, it is possible that some law enforcement agencies will attempt to enforce the law. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and other holiday gatherings likely to occur in the finally weeks of 2020, Mr. Koslow is offering his Criminal Defense services, for free, to anyone who is charged with violating Governor Cuomo’s 10-person in a private residence declaration. 

Mr. Koslow believes that enforcement of the law is not only unfair but also virtually impossible. Mr. Koslow says: “A person’s home is his castle, and the State cannot just walk in without a legally sufficient Warrant. The process for obtaining a warrant takes time, paperwork, and a judge’s signature, which means any searches conducted by the police to enforce this law is likely to be illegal.” Mr. Koslow is willing to fight for the rights of those who are affected by this unconstitutional abuse of power. “This is the time of year that people should be able to spend with their families, with reasonable precautions taken. It is not for the State to decide how many people I can have in my house.”  If you have been impacted by Governor Cuomo’s 10-person declaration, contact SIK Law now for a free consultation and defense against your charges. Some limitations apply. 

About Seth I. Koslow, Esq., of SIK Law.

Mr. Koslow is a former Queens County Assistant District Attorney.  He has prosecuted and defended hundreds of misdemeanors and felonies throughout New York State.  With offices located in Mineola, NY and Forest Hills, NY, SIK Law proudly serves the New York Metropolitan area, including all five (5) boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Queens and Westchester Counties. For more information visit  Or Call 347-754-6267.  Or Email:

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