SIGOS Adds Smartphone and App Testing to Its Portfolio

SIGOS and Keynote Mobile Testing, previously known as DeviceAnywhere, are teaming up to drive innovations in the mobile app testing market.

SIGOS App Testing

​​Until July 2016, Keynote Mobile Testing was part of Dynatrace LLC. Both Dynatrace and SIGOS have been affiliated companies under common ownership since April 2015. With the new structure, Keynote Mobile Testing employees and products will become part of SIGOS.

SIGOS, the leading provider for quality of service and quality of experience testing, fraud detection and revenue assurance, serves over 50% of the mobile network operators around the world.

Keynote Mobile Testing offers its award winning on-device app testing and monitoring products to enterprises and network operators internationally. The strategic move to formally merge the Keynote Mobile Testing employees and product line into SIGOS will create new synergies, combining both companies’ deep technical expertise, accelerating product innovations in the field of smartphone-based testing.

In the Mobile Network Operator space:

The demand for more metrics observing network quality, performance and QoE has significantly grown over the last years. In addition to network-wide QoS and QoE, the integration and the testing on flagship smartphones to continuously monitor apps, new services, browsing and other phone based interaction is becoming more important. Yet, investment security and the agility to combine latest technology with operational efficiency is the key to success.

In the Enterprise, medium to large business space:

Apps are an essential part of today’s product services and offerings for many companies across the globe. Different operating systems and smartphone builds require intensive testing and service availability monitoring. The agility to test new devices once officially launched, or to monitor the app behaviors after OS updates, represents the success factor of today’s solution.


Network Operators, OTTs, Enterprises and App developers will benefit:

  •  Product excellence: Both companies have made large investments in real device testing and monitoring solutions. This move will allow the teams to combine resources and provide a market leading real device testing product for network operators, carriers and enterprises worldwide.
  •  Years of experience: Keynote Mobile Testing – formerly known as DeviceAnywhere – has been leading the smartphone, on device and app testing market since many years. The existing solution provides the industry’s most advanced testing, scripting and recording functionality using the largest variety of devices available including all latest android devices and iPhone.
  •  Instant availability: From September 2016, SIGOS offers a new SaaS cloud-based on-device and app testing network to its customers, including the latest generation of handsets. Subsequently, this cloud based service will merge into an integrated SITE component.

Adil Kaya, CEO SIGOS: “Bringing together two strong companies and experts in their businesses is a wonderful thing to do. Keynote Mobile Testing and SIGOS are a perfect match; both provide testing solutions to a large customer base. For businesses and enterprises around the globe, “mobile” is one of the important business strategies to get closer to customers and to provide a rich, direct customer offering. For Mobile Network Operators, visibility on app based services, Quality of Experience performance measurements and detailed analytics are important to guarantee optimum quality in highly complex mobile networks.“


SIGOS is the worldwide leader in active testing and Fraud Detection of telecommunication networks and services. The solutions enable operators, OTT, content providers, carriers and regulators to fully understand Quality of Service and Experience from an end-user perspective.

The SITE test system supports proactive testing across all technologies and network infrastructures. GlobalRoamer, the world’s largest roaming testing platform, provides access to over 780 networks in 206 countries. Fraud Detection and Revenue Assurance conclude the innovative and market leading portfolio.

SIGOS today serves over 440 network operators in 152 countries worldwide, including most top 100 network operators.

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With over 450 network operators in 156 countries, including the top 100 mobile networks, as well as over 600 enterprise customers, SIGOS is the worldwide leading provider of active test solutions.

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