Significant Court Decision Safeguards Professional Hospital Guaynabo's Contractual Relationship With MSO of Puerto Rico Amidst Ongoing Arbitration Process

Professional Hospital Guaynabo (PHG) issued the following statement in light of the recent ruling by Judge Alfonso Martínez Piovanetti of the Court of First Instance of Puerto Rico, ordering MSO of Puerto Rico, a subsidiary of Elevance Health, to uphold its Hospital Service Agreement (HSA) with PHG throughout the ongoing arbitration process.

"The Court's decision to uphold the existing partnership between Professional Hospital Guaynabo and MSO of Puerto Rico not only guarantees that our patients will continue to benefit from world-class medical care provided by trusted physicians but also ensures network adequacy and compliance with CMS standards," stated Administrator Giancarlo Valentín, PhD, MHSA.


PHG, situated in the Municipality of Guaynabo, serves as the municipality's sole general hospital, catering to the needs of over 89,000 residents. Providing round-the-clock emergency room services, PHG annually serves 33,000 patients. The hospital achieved Hero Hospital status during both the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Maria, known for its medical expertise in vascular diseases and the performance of cutting-edge surgeries, making it a healthcare cornerstone in Puerto Rico.

Source: Professional Hospital Guaynabo (PHG)

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