Signet Research Upgrades Its Customer Experience Platform With Enhanced Analytics

​Englewood, NJ, July 25, 2019 (Newswire) - Signet Research Inc., a leading market research firm, introduced Sibyl® in January of 2017. An Enterprise Survey Software and Customer Experience (CX) platform, Sibyl offers highly sophisticated functionality allowing businesses to collect feedback across all their various customer touchpoints and track customer sentiment on an individual and aggregate basis. Since its launch, Sibyl has regularly introduced new features that maximize the usefulness of the data collected, setting it apart from other Survey Software and CX platforms.

New this month: Cross Tabulation Reporting: Turn-key Cross Tabulation Reporting in Sibyl displays the results of the entire group of respondents as well as any sub-groups that are of interest. The results are shown in a data table that displays comparative data at a glance. This allows users to analyze the relationship between two or more variables, providing a deeper understanding of the respondents.

This feature can be especially helpful in CX campaigns as it can identify important variables that are related or even potential drivers of satisfaction.


Significance Testing: This advanced feature allows Sibyl users to determine whether or not the variables they compare in a Cross Tab have a difference that is statistically significant.

This built-in statistical test evaluates whether two variables are related or if they are independent. In the table above we see that lower income individuals have a higher NPS rating. Is that by chance, or does it reflect a real difference by income in your customer base? Significance Testing gives you the answer.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, every business, brand and organization must consistently evaluate and improve its customer experience. Sibyl makes that process painless. It’s easy to use, flexible and highly customizable. And because we monitor our own CX, new and improved features are added constantly. 

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About Sibyl Surveys

Sibyl Surveys is a powerful online survey platform for both the beginner and advanced user. It can be used to monitor Customer Experience (CX) and/or as a full Survey Software SaaS platform. It was developed by, and is backed by, Signet Research, Inc., a full-service market research firm established in 1968. In addition to the Sibyl platform, Signet offers clients all phases of market research from study design and questionnaire development to programming, data analysis and presentation writing.

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About Signet Research

As a full-service market research firm, we offer clients all phases of market research from study design to questionnaire development to programming, data analysis and presentation writing. We've been delivering superior value and service since 1968.

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