Signature, Inc. Expands Footprint Into Northern Jersey

The leadership of Signature, Inc. announced the recent opening of their new office in Northern Jersey. J.T., one of the firm's esteemed associates, will be spearheading this expansion.

Kenneth Weinraub, Signature, Inc.’s President, shared that J.T. was a wise choice to lead this venture, given his consistent performance and dedication to the business, which is evident in every initiative in which he’s involved.

As Weinraub noted, the Northern New Jersey office is a boon for Signature, Inc., as it reflects not only J.T.’s work, but also the entire team’s efforts to deliver measurable outcomes for their national service partners. The company’s culture is team-driven and collaborative to the core, which is why each outreach campaign is effective. 

With this new office, associates have more opportunities to advance in their careers with Signature, Inc. It’s also a chance for other ambitious professionals to join this company where individual success is as important as overall results.

Signature, Inc.’s President Describes Qualities Desired in Associates

Weinraub explained that Signature, Inc.’s focus on promoting from within has much to do with the company’s rapid growth. Each associate who joins the company follows a career track based on his or her interests and strengths. Team members are advanced based on merit, not seniority, so the pace at which they accelerate to the next level is completely up to them. 

Every executive starts at the ground level and undergoes intensive training in Signature, Inc.’s outreach model. Working with coaches, they learn how to develop campaigns, work with partners and their customers, and deploy solutions in the marketplace. As they master skills, new responsibilities are added, allowing them to further grow professionally and personally. 

People like J.T., who show they are diligent and want more from their careers, eventually have a chance to open their own offices and help the company expand. These are the individuals who are selected for the manager trainee program, which includes travel to national leadership conferences, retreats, regional cross-training, and eventually, scouting missions to potential market cities.

According to Weinraub, it all begins with a recruitment process in which candidates who display qualities such as positivity, growth mind-sets, and determination outrank those with more experience, but do not possess those traits.

As Weinraub added, each new office is a chance not only for the current team, but for new members to advance their career ambitions. He looks forward to the success this venture will bring for all.

About Signature, Inc.:
Signature, Inc. is a high-performing provider of experiential marketing campaigns that drive lead generation and business growth for both up-and-coming brands as well as Fortune 500 clients. Their expertly-trained and versatile team members apply the latest research techniques to craft customized initiatives that make immediate impact on targeted markets. Through highly-targeted campaigns, Signature, Inc. forges meaningful relationships between companies and their ideal audiences to achieve maximum conversions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Their exceptional service delivers consistent results that clients see in their bottom lines and market reach. Signature, Inc.’s commitment to innovation and customer service will ensure the firm a bright future as an industry leader.

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