to Offer Public Safety Band + 4G LTE Cellular Signal-Boosting Systems Side-by-Side

Cost-Effective Solution Addresses Lack of In-Building Coverage for Both Public Safety Bands and 4G LTE Cellular Frequencies Simultaneously to Offer Public Safety Band + 4G LTE Cellular Signal Boosting Systems Side-by-Side

​ has announced it is now installing public safety band and 4G LTE cell phone signal-boosting systems side-by-side, for all North American cell carriers. These systems can be leveraged in large buildings to improve emergency responder radio and consumer cell phone network communication.

Offered simultaneously, the two systems ensure those using wireless devices can access their respective networks throughout the structure. As a result of installing SureCall's Guardian3 QR public safety band and Force5 2.0 4G LTE cell phone signal-boosting systems, emergency responders can communicate seamlessly throughout the building with their team, and the public can communicate with others in the building using any smartphone on any service provider network. Most importantly, the public can make and maintain 911 phone calls, improving safety and guaranteeing quick response times from the first responders.

SureCall's Guardian3 QR is a public safety band signal booster that meets IFC and NFPA national codes. Its reviews have proven it to be the most cost-effective solution for the price. It boosts indoor reception and prevents disruption for first-responder two-way radios with its 80 dB of gain. The Guardian3 QR has been a solution for both small and large buildings with its 26 dBm of output power and ability to use one or multiple systems within a building.

SureCall’s Force5 2.0 is the first signal booster that can be controlled via mobile app. It includes a built-in Sentry Remote Monitoring System. Sentry provides users with tools to optimize booster performance during installation, as well as manage the system from a location offsite via iPhone® app, Android® app, or Sentry web interface. The system can improve reception in buildings between 25,000 and 100,000 square feet. Correspondingly, the 4G LTE cell phone-boosting system is touted as an alternative to distributed antenna systems (DAS) at a lower cost.

The Force5 2.0 extends the signal strength and battery life of all cellular devices by providing stronger connection to cellular dual-bands, PCS, LTE and AWS frequencies. It enhances voice, text, 3G and 4G LTE signals, decreasing dropped and missed calls while improving data speeds. The comprehensive reception solution can accommodate a maximum downlink output power of 17 dBm, thereby ensuring superior performance.

Installed together, these signal-boosting systems enhance the way emergency responders and the public communicate.

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