Offers Consumer-Grade Cell Phone Signal Booster Installations

Along with commercial grade signal booster installation service that was already available, now offers consumer-grade cell phone booster installations. Now Offers Consumer-Grade Cell Phone Signal Booster Installations

​​​ now offers the installation of consumer-grade cell phone signal booster kits for end-users in most U.S. cities nationwide. Available at a much lower cost than a commercial grade signal booster system design and installation, this new installation service will make it even easier for individuals and businesses to set up and use retail boxed cell phone signal booster kits.

Installation is available for the following consumer-grade SureCall cell phone signal booster kits, among others:

In addition, installs commercial-grade kits designed for large buildings, including the Fusion5X 2.0, Force5 Industrial 2.0 and the Guardian4 public safety bands booster. 

Why Invest in a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Fast data speeds and consistent coverage has become necessary for business, as well as personal needs. This means that it is more important than ever to maintain a strong signal inside residential and commercial buildings. By amplifying an existing signal outside, a cell phone signal booster ensures reliable reception inside to help increase productivity and improve safety in areas with weak coverage.

 Cell phone signal boosters offer:

  • Stronger voice, text and 4G/LTE signals in areas with limited coverage.
  • Improved cellular up-time and constant connectivity.
  • Fewer dropped and missed calls, along with faster data speeds.
  • Better voice quality and longer device battery life.

Seamless Installation for an Affordable Price. values consumer convenience and safety. Their professional installers are licensed and bonded with adequate experience to successfully install and substantially improve signals indoors. During the installation process, they will:

  1. Complete a site survey.
  2. Conduct floor-plan analysis.
  3. Review the client’s coverage expectations and budget.
  4. Install antennae, signal amplifier and all related parts.
  5. Test the cell phone signal booster to confirm signal improvement.
  6. Follow up with the client post-installation to ensure long-term satisfaction.

To receive a professional cell phone signal booster quote, individuals and businesses can submit an installation questionnaire. Information provided will help assess situation and schedule site survey to offer a fair quote for installing a robust residential, commercial, industrial or public safety signal booster system.​

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