Now Accepting Pre-Orders for New Cell + Wi-Fi + HDTV Signal Booster

All-in-one Cellular + Wi-Fi + HDTV Signal Booster

When it comes to consumer signal boosters, the new Multi-Channel, Multi-Technology signal booster is an innovative amplifier that is first in its all-in-one signal booster category. It is capable of boosting cellular and Wi-Fi reception, both for up to 20,000 sq. ft. In addition, it provides Over-the-Air HDTV connectivity. This booster has been specifically designed so that people no longer need to worry about how they are going to manage multiple devices for reliable Wi-Fi, Cellular, and HDTV signals throughout their work environment or other building.

The SureCall Fusion7 is a giant leap forward towards an inevitable future where we communicate virtually cord-free, and without connectivity barriers. This signal booster has a maximum cellular gain of 72 dB, and is capable of increasing cell signal coverage for both USA and Canadian carriers.

Dead zones and dropped calls within buildings will be virtually eliminated because the SureCall Fusion 7 signal booster…

  • Has the fastest LTE data rates in the industry.
  • Can support 20+ simultaneous users.
  • Offers adjustable cellular uplink and downlink gain controls for each frequency.

Another feature is an in-built Wi-Fi router, designed to extend Wi-Fi coverage up to 20,000 sq. ft. Users simply use their existing router to connect into the Fusion 7 WAN Port and the booster will provide extended Wi-Fi coverage. In addition, cellular coverage will be extended using the same cables and antennas.

Lastly, for users looking to access Over-the-Air HDTV signals in their area, such as Fox, CBS, ABC, PBS, and NBC, the SureCall Fusion 7 is capable of receiving and amplifying all available locally aired HDTV stations and delivering those signals to more than 25 television sets.

In addition to the built-in Wi-Fi, users will now be able to access streaming video through Hulu and Netflix, thus eliminating the need for satellite or cable television. A zip code search of all OTA HDTV stations is available at 

SureCall’s line of FCC-approved boosters for industrial, commercial, and personal use have received multiple awards, including its recent awards, namely, the 2015 EXC!TE Award by Technology Integrator and the 2015 CE Pro Best Award. by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC. is located in Houston, Texas, USA. They are one of the nation's leaders in retailing and wholesaling high quality wireless amplifying equipment such as cell phone signal boosters as well as Wi-Fi extenders, and HDTV signal amplifiers.