Launches RecipeSifter™

Free Online Tool Customizes Any Recipe to Fit Personal Diets


Following a special diet is a major challenge for two-thirds of Americans. Vegan, gluten-free or heart-healthy - it's tough to know whether a recipe fits a shopper's personal health needs and goals. Enter and RecipeSifter™, an innovative new tool that analyzes recipes to show which ingredients are eligible for a shopper's diet and indicates ingredient conflicts. Simply copy any website recipe URL, paste it into the free RecipeSifter tool, and view each recipe ingredient "sifted" to match that diet. If an ingredient doesn't match, RecipeSifter lets a shopper swap ingredients to make it eligible for their personal diet. RecipeSifter also allows its customers to see and shop for the ingredients.

Pioneering grocery e-commerce entrepreneurs Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of Peapod and ItemMaster, launched to address the need for a far more efficient way to shop for personal dietary health needs. RecipeSifter is the newest addition to the Sifter.Shop platform. 

"The key is that Sifter translates a generic ingredient, like tomato sauce, to a specific brand and flavor that matches your personal diet profile," explained Thomas Parkinson, co-founder and chief product officer of Chicago-based "RecipeSifter is designed to be both quick and easy. Plus, each ingredient can be purchased by simply clicking on your favorite retailer."

"As a nutrition specialist, I really appreciate the unique RecipeSifter feature on the site. It's a great tool for consumers and patients alike to see if their favorite recipe fits their personalized diet profile. Users also have the option to swap out an ingredient for others," said Gulrukhsar Jiwani, MS, RD, LDN.

RecipeSifter™ for Grocery Retailers, Health Care Practitioners, Recipe Providers: Additionally, is now expanding its Shop by Diet and RecipeSifter technology to all grocers as a "nutrition as service" platform, with the aim of making healthy eating and the concept of Food as Medicine a reality for all grocery shoppers. The free interactive health-and-wellness platform uses a proprietary science-based "sifting" technology with 130-plus diet and nutrition filters to enable users to find food products and dietary supplements based on their personal diet needs and preferences. Its leadership includes registered dietitians, health and wellness organizations, major retailers, brands and data providers.

About Sifter: is a powerful health and wellness platform built for the millions of consumers who avoid food allergens or follow a special health diet RecipeSifter. Using a proprietary, science-based "sifting" technology with 130+ diet and nutrition filters, the free, interactive site allows users to find food products and dietary supplements based on their personal diet needs and preferences. leadership includes registered dietitians, health & wellness organizations, major retailers, brands, and data providers to ensure our search platform delivers accurate and trustworthy results. To learn more, visit

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