Sifter Report: Gluten Tops List of Food Avoidances

Users Underscore Importance of Health-Driven Shopping

Sifter by the Numbers

Sifter SP, Inc., a shop-by-diet technology company, conducted a six-month analysis of the top 5 food avoidances selected by users of its grocery platform. This data concluded that gluten takes the number one spot for food avoidance:

  1. Gluten / wheat
  2. Dairy / milk
  3. Added sugars / corn syrup
  4. Lactose
  5. Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives

*See the attached infographic for details. 

Food retailers, brands and health providers are challenged with helping health-driven shoppers find foods that meet their diet and food avoidance preferences. Sifter SP, Inc. has responded with Sifter Solutions, a powerful, science-based Nutrition as a Service™ technology suite from tech pioneers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of the world's first online grocery service, Peapod. The brothers launched Sifter to empower companies to make grocery shopping easier for the 200 million consumers who are focused on eating better for their health.

"Brands, retailers, and healthcare organizations have a need to connect food products and dietary supplements to the unique diets of motivated shoppers," says Andrew Parkinson, Sifter co-founder. "Our goal is to make healthy eating easy for everyone by enabling companies to personalize the diet-driven shopping experience."

How it works: Customers set up a free profile based on medical and lifestyle diet preferences. Then they can search through an assortment of more than 100,000 grocery products and supplements that adhere to 130+ nutrition filters—from health diets to allergens to medications. 

How Sifter Solutions Can Help:

Food Retailers - Personalize the shopping experience across all touchpoints to make it easy for customers to find products that fit their needs. Sifter APIs easily integrate powerful Sifter functionality into the retailer's current platform, while Sifter's mobile scanning enables in-store customers to scan product barcodes to see diet profile fit. The white-label solution allows retailers to curate their product array into a personalized shop-by-diet tool powered by Sifter.

Brands - Sifter makes it easy for shoppers to find brands that fit their diet and lifestyle preferences. Sifter's fast, accurate search engine is designed to match shoppers' personal dietary needs down to brand UPCs.

Health & Fitness Providers - Connect clients, patients and employees with products and recipes that fit diet recommendations. Deliver on the "food as medicine" health trend by providing counseling and programs using Sifter's accurate, science-based product database.

About Sifter Sifter's proprietary, science-based "sifting" technology helps shoppers find food products and dietary supplements based on personal diet needs and preferences. Sifter technology also powers retail, brand, and healthcare platforms. Corporate partners and advisors include registered dietitians, health & wellness organizations, major retailers, brands, and data providers to ensure our search platform delivers accurate and trustworthy results. To learn more, visit (consumer site) and (business applications).

Press Contact: Elana Margolis

Source: Sifter Solutions