Siege Management Group Networks With Industry Leaders

Select team members from Siege Management Group recently attended the national quarterly conference where they had a chance to network and share business techniques with industry leaders. The team returned refreshed and ready to go.

"There's so many benefits to attending these conferences," said Manny, Siege Management Group's President. "Our people learn so much when we get together with individuals from other regions."

Joining Manny from Siege Management Group were leaders John, Katora, and Malcom, as well as new team members Ryan and Dominic. "I really want our team members to build relationships with other managers in the industry," he said. "This is an important opportunity because our people need to be able to partner with colleagues from other regions in the future and learn useful skills from them."

As Manny noted, this conference was a mix of knowledge transfer and networking. "There are several workshops everyone breaks into so that we can share business techniques and learn from others as to what is working in different regions," he said. "There are also keynote speeches delivered by some of the industry's top leaders, which are really inspiring."

"There's so many benefits to attending these conferences,"



Networking was also a tremendous component of the national quarterly conference. "We formed some great connections with some of the brightest minds in this industry," Manny continued. "These conferences are truly special opportunities for anyone to attend.'

Siege Management Group's President on Why to Attend Conferences

Manny is a huge proponent of attending conferences and participating in business travel. "I think traveling is one of the perks that sets Siege Management Group apart from other firms," he said. "The benefits are worth the investment."

As Manny noted, it's important for team members to learn from others in the industry as well as from the company's coaches. "There are many different leadership styles out there and different approaches to customer acquisitions," he said. "I want our people to be set up for success and this means broadening their experiences and knowledge base. When they go to national conferences, it's like having that wealth of information centrally located in one place. We can talk with others, immerse ourselves in activities, and just listen and absorb."

"Travel in general is enriching because it exposes us to new sights and viewpoints that can be inspirational," Manny said. "Because we attend these conferences as a team, they are experiences we share outside of the office that strengthen our bonds. I'm grateful we can travel like we do and look forward to the next conference."

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