Sidiz Slated for U.S. Launch of the Supremely Popular T50 Home Office Chair in Black

A best-seller in Europe for 10 years, Sidiz now offers U.S. consumers the company's most comfortable office chair in a coveted color

Sidiz T50 Black

Known in the marketplace as "the chair that changed chairs," the T50 from Sidiz makes a new statement in America dressed in black. Already having sold enough chairs worldwide to add up to 200 times the height of Mt. Everest, the T50 Series has proven itself to be the quintessential modern office chair. Now also offered in black to U.S. consumers, the T50 goes one further to embody the redefinition of a comfortable desk chair with an artful design. With a long and languid linear aesthetic for the eye and an ergonomic design for the back, the chair is like a beautiful art piece that supports good health.

Lina Kim, the Marketing Manager for Sidiz, said, "For 10 years, this chair has enjoyed leadership in the office furniture space. It sold two million units worldwide and was chosen by major global companies like Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, the Loreal Office, as well as IBM, General Electric, Toyota, and the United Nations. We even introduced the T50 Marvel in Black Panther and Spiderman versions. Now, we're so happy to bring it to the U.S. marketplace in a very sleek black version."

Along with a luxury padded seat pillow, the chair has an ergonomic S-curve design to prevent back pain. To further support back health, the chair has five tilting angles. These angles provide comfortability as one can change the seat slope or slide, and adjust the armrest or the headrest. Moreover, the eco-friendly office chair has a high-quality mesh back that provides comfort and ventilation.

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About Sidiz:

Established in 1994 and based in South Korea, Sidiz is a specialized seating brand recognized as a major manufacturer of office seating in 70 countries.

Lina Kim
Marketing Manager, Sidiz


Source: Sidiz