Side Issues And Side Effects As The Detox Debate Deepens

Detoxification is a subject that is never far from public discussion. Does it work? Are there side effects? Zara Buckley, a writer and self-confessed "health freak" is attempting to throw some light on these questions.

Zara Buckley has just put the finishing touches on her website, Natural Body Detox Facts, so her mind is still buzzing with juicy but healthy info on detoxing. "There are still arguments back and forth about whether detoxification actually works, and yes, there are side effects," says Zara Buckley. "You will find that doctors and medical research studies do not speak favorably of detox diets, or even the principles behind detoxing. The idea that we need to go on a special diet to get rid of accumulated junk in the body is based on old-time folk wisdom which has largely been discredited by modern science. My website, has been created to lay bare the facts of the debate without pushing a personal agenda."

So, if the very idea of detoxing has been knocked on the head by science, why do we persist in believing in it? "That's a question with many answers," says Buckley. "The one that some adherents of mainstream medicine give is that detoxing and other alternative therapies are an excuse for quacks to grow rich from other people's gullibility. I don't go along with that one hundred percent. It's true that detoxing does put money in the pockets of alternative therapists and makers of detox products but most of the people who sell detoxing sincerely believe in its benefits."

According to Zara Buckley, the principal reason that people believe in detox diets is that the basic idea behind them makes sense. "If we are living in a polluted environment we will need to cleanse ourselves of the pollutants we take in through eating, breathing and absorption through our skin. This simple idea gives us ordinary people a chance to take control of our own health, and if we feel better for a good detox, sauna or colon cleanse then medical research does not stack up against our direct experience."

As for detox diet side effects, Buckley says there are some, and this is where we need to do our research and exercise our minds. "If you start on a detox diet you could experience headaches, constipation, irritability, vomiting or insomnia," she says. You won't necessarily get all of them, and they vary in intensity from person to person, but you can't make a change to your diet without your body lodging a complaint."

Preparing for these kinds of side effects and knowing how to handle them is where Zara's website comes in. She is engaged in collecting all the information you will need to make a decision regarding detoxing. Buckley concludes: "Once you have done your research and know the nature of detox side effects, you will have the confidence to take control of changing your diet and exercise routines and lifting the level of your general health."

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