Sid Brass Shopping Center Interest

Sid Brass, former professional baseball player, focuses investing in shopping center and high rise development

Professional baseball player, Sid Brass, is currently focusing on his venture capital firm, Sid Brass Companies. Mr. Brass's interests are diverse, and he has spearheaded many different financial ventures since his baseball career. Mr. Brass had a successful professional baseball career & was nominated to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 2013.

Additionally, Sid Brass set many state of Texas football & baseball independent records throughout his school years in the state of Texas. Mr. Brass has stayed actively involved in the professional sports field by making guest appearances on sports radio talk shows. Mr. Brass is also promoting new venues in the entertainment industry, such as sports venues and restaurant groups. Mr. Brass's capital groups have participated in, and funded, numerous different hotel projects, as well as restaurants, shopping centers, and medical plazas, amongst others.

Mr. Brass is especially looking forward to expanding his investment in shopping centers and high rise development in 2016.

Lisa Simpson, Spokesperson for Sid Brass

Mr. Brass is also further delving into shopping center development, and plans are in place for several new projects. Mr. Brass, who currently resides in Las Vegas, and several of his partners are currently looking at hotel/condominium properties as well as working on numerous different equity finance opportunities in the hotel/condominium industry.

Furthermore, Mr. Brass will launch the development of new high rises, with the intent to add several to his ever-expanding portfolio. Mr. Brass's capital firm has been extremely aggressive over many years with development financing, including various hotel developments and restaurant developments in Dallas, Texas as well as Las Vegas. Mr. Brass works with numerous different partners, who are always looking to provide the capital needs for large real estate and joint ventures.  


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