Sick of Bad Decisions? Why Your Body Knows Best

Global Event From Empowerment Toolkit and Community, Access Consciousness, Promotes The Importance Of Body Awareness

According to a recent survey in the United Kingdom, the average person will make six truly terrible decisions in their life, and will continue to regret four of them. These horrendous faux pas include marrying the wrong person, making poor financial decisions and being in the wrong job.

International speaker, Gary Douglas, has met thousands of people around the world who regret decisions they have made in life – both big and small – and offers a simple antidote to chronic poor judgement.

“If you really want to make great decisions, you have to have awareness of your body”, he explains.

Scientific evidence has shown that our bodies are more ‘intelligent’ than most give them credit for. In fact, one study out of ETH Zurich revealed that brain-body communication is not a one way interaction and discovered the stomach sends messages to the brain, particularly affecting the way we recognise and respond to danger.

A global speaker, best-selling author and founder of the global community, Access Consciousness®, Douglas maintains that this gut instinct is the key to making healthier and more successful decisions. He believes that the body has a constant awareness of what’s best for you because it wants you to make choices that help it thrive.

“Your body is the one that needs money, your body is the one that eats food, your body is the one that needs shelter, your body is the one that determines where you want to live”, Douglas explains.  “So if you really want to create a greater world and a greater life, you have to do it with your body. Not outside of your body, not in opposition of your body … but with your body."

On 17-18 December 2016, Douglas and Access Consciousness® are launching the global Body Awareness Weekend, offering free demonstrations and advice on how to establish a healthier relationship with your body and the awareness it contains.

Over two days, facilitators in more than 170 countries around the world will be demonstrating Access Consciousness® bodywork tools such as:

·         The Access Bars: a light-touch healing modality

·         Cellular Memory: Removing the memory of trauma from body cells

·         Thank You Body: a simple gratitude exercise to enhance connection and wellness

·         Meditation Walk: a mindfulness tool to stimulate mental and physical wellbeing

Douglas maintains that awareness of the body and its needs is a key element of success. Because of this, he recommends individuals take regular steps to connect with their physical self. “Every day, choose at least one thing that’s nurturing for your body: take a bubble bath, go for a walk, write, dance, ski or play” he suggests. “If you don’t know what nurtures your body, ask! And ask every day, because it can change.”

“Make what is nurturing to your body a priority and choose it daily”, he adds.

Access Consciousness® Body Awareness Weekend

17 – 18 December 2016  |

Media Contact: 

+61 415 144 407

+1 424-645-7994 (US)

About Gary Douglas

Bestselling  author, international speaker  and business innovator, Gary  Douglas  has become an internationally-recognized  thought  leader,  transforming  thousands  of  lives  across  the  world.  He empowers  people  to  see  different  possibilities  and  to  recognize  what  is  truly  possible  for  them. Douglas is  acknowledged  worldwide  for  his  unique  perspectives  on  personal  transformation that are  unlike  anything  else in  the world. He is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. The Access Consciousness tools are now offered in 171 countries and have been translated into 30 languages.​

Source: Access Consciousness


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