Shred App Introduces Female-Led Training, Shannon Decker to Head Female Training Division

Shred Labs (Shred), following the successful launch of its ShredHome platform, is pleased to announce Shannon Decker will be joining Shred to lead its new female training division. As the Shred platform continues to expand, Shannon’s training expertise will bring both fun and effective training content to users around the world. Effective immediately, all Shred users have the ability to select Shannon as their trainer.

“Shannon’s results-driven approach and training intensity are in perfect sync with our core values at Shred,” said Chief Operating Officer, Camilla Labatt. “While females currently make up a minority of our active users, they outperform males in their workout frequency. We look forward to expanding our female user base with the introduction of Shannon, as well as additional features being released in the near term.”

Since its launch in December 2018, Shred has seen rapid growth and its highly engaged users have completed over 50 million exercises in the last year. Shred is known for its advanced training but has begun to open up to the broader market. Shannon will further this effort by putting together new training programs for all skill levels. 

“I am very excited to be joining such an incredible platform," said Shannon. "Shred Labs has truly revolutionized the way people work out at home and in the gym, and I am honored and humbled to head up the new female training division!” 

Shannon will be a great addition to the team to continue to help Shred bring the highest quality training content to its users.

About Shred Labs — Shred Labs is a market-leader in digital strength training. Its core app, Shred, is available in 175 countries and is helping people around the world get results. With Shred, users are provided a dynamic personal training program based on their individual goals and needs with options for gym, bodyweight and cardio training. Shred allows users to easily track and visualize their progress, log weights and activities, and connect with friends. For more information, please visit

About Shannon Decker — Decker was raised on the shores of the Pacific Northwest and Santa Barbara, CA. Growing up a Varsity athlete, Shannon quickly adopted the outlook “for the sanity, not the vanity,” when it came to fitness. For Shannon, fitness has always been more than just the physical appearance, it’s about mind, body and soul growth. For over a decade, “Shannon Shape” has been making her mark within L.A.’s lively fitness scene, using her platform to motivate Hollywood’s finest to achieve both their mental and physical goals. From large group fitness classes, to elite one-on-one training, to collaborations with some of the largest fitness brands in the world, Shannon is considered one of the top fitness influencers in L.A. 

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