Shot Doctor Destined to Revolutionise Sports Shooting Technology With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

​Shot Doctor Technologies today launched their Kickstarter campaign for their groundbreaking Shot Doctor app. Containing a revolutionary ‘augmented reality’ technology, that allows a shooter to automatically identify their holdover position while accounting for various ballistic effects and environmental variables, it aims to revolutionise and simplify the way we shoot.

Together with a rugged cradle mount that seamlessly attaches an individual's mobile device to their optics, and a range of analytics to identify ways to improve an individual’s shooting abilities, Shot Doctor has something for everyone.

Ewan Williams, the individual behind Shot Doctor states “This is the ultimate firearm enthusiast’s companion, whether you’re a complete rookie or seasoned pro, Shot Doctor has a range of tools that will make your life easier.”

On top of those already mentioned, these tools include:

  • A searchable handloaders’ database
  • Cloud integrated databases of ammunition, rifles, optics, components as well as anonymous hunt and performance information
  • Ballistic calculator with visual graph
  • Integrated, real time weather forecasts
  • Traditional handheld GPS
  • Social integration with global leaderboard
  • ​Access to invitation only events and prizes
  • Plus many more

A full feature list can be viewed at, along with a video that highlights the many features of Shot Doctor.

 The Kickstarter campaign page can be found at

Source: Shot Doctor Technologies

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