ShortDot's Newest Service, ShortBlock, is Now Live for Registrars to Offer to Trademark Holders

ShortDot just launched a nifty, easy-to-use domain blocking service - ShortBlock. The domain blocking service will block trademark holders' marks and variations of those marks across all of ShortDot's domain extensions, now and in the future.

With one interaction, registrars and their clients can protect trademarks against revenue and reputation damage that could be caused by fraudsters using brand names in distaste or with negative sentiments.

ShortBlock is designed to help registrars and registrants easily maintain a portfolio of trademark blocks across all of ShortDot's domain extensions and prevent anyone from taking advantage of the registration of a domain with an existing block applied.

Registrars can protect their clients' marks with three levels of blocks. ShortBlock offers exact match, homonym, and wildcard blocking, making it the perfect way to ensure that your clients' marks are secure. ShortBlock will have more handy features and nifty updates added to it in the weeks to come.

Have questions?

Download an easy-to-read sales flyer or visit or reach out to today to learn more.

Registrars can apply for an account now and start offering this innovative new product to their customers.

Source: Shortdot