ShortDot's New .Sbs Domain Extension is All Set for a Sunrise Launch on May 6 for Trademark Holders

ShortDot is gearing up to launch its fifth new domain extension - .sbs, on May 6, 2021, in its Sunrise phase for trademark holders. Short for 'Side By Side', .sbs is a thoughtful three-letter domain extension well-suited for corporate social responsibility programs, social welfare groups, activists, charitable organizations, philanthropic initiatives, and finds valid applications for productivity platforms, online events, and serial multi-taskers. ShortDot will be donating a portion of every .sbs domain registration to a non-profit organization. 

Sunrise is a 30-day period that gives trademark holders exclusive access to secure their trademarks in a new domain extension before making it available to the general public. Given that .sbs is the de facto domain extension for philanthropic initiatives and welfare movements, any trademark holder adopting a .sbs domain name will come across as a credible, reliable, and forward-thinking organization. 

As ShortDot is gearing up for the Sunrise launch of .sbs, interest is growing swiftly among trademark holders and registrars alike. Nearly 50 registrars worldwide, including CSC Corporate Domains, EuroDNS, 101domain, and many more, have already become .sbs accredited registrars. 

ShortDot was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Lars JensenKevin Kopas, Michael Riedl, and Christian Tecar. With .sbs and their recent launch of the .CFD domain extension, ShortDot is rapidly growing to become a formidable force in the domain industry. 

"As a thoughtful, three-letter domain extension, we expect .sbs to strike a chord with philanthropic groups, corporate welfare associations, non-profit organizations, and social welfare workers from around the world," said Kevin Kopas, COO. 

"This is our second domain extension launch in just five months, and I'm very excited with the positioning of .sbs. I genuinely believe that .sbs will enable corporations, welfare groups, and individual activists drive change and make a strong social impact online," said Lars Jensen, CEO.

ShortDot offers sales support for its registrar partners via design, development, lead generation, and customer retention programs. End users can search for and register their .sbs domain names at several ICANN accredited registrars worldwide. For more information about ShortDot, .sbs, and the upcoming Sunrise launch, visit

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Source: Shortdot SA