ShortDot is All Set to Launch the .CFD Domain Extension - Tailored for the Future of Clothing & Fashion Design

ShortDot, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions like .icu, .bond, and .cyou, is preparing to launch its fourth and newest domain extension - .CFD (#ClothingFashionDesign).

ShortDot has positioned .CFD as a short, memorable, three-letter domain extension that is ideal for clothing brands, fashion houses, fashion designers, models and influencers, apparel manufacturers, footwear businesses, cosmetics companies, and online retailers with a flair for artistic expression and appreciation for stylish clothing and creative fashion design. 

With .CFD, ShortDot targets new-age apparel and clothing businesses, creative fashion designers, forward-thinking fashion vloggers and influencers, cutting-edge fashion brands, and progressive cosmetics and footwear companies looking to reshape the world of fashion and haute couture. 

In today's virtual world, .CFD domain names make for a suitable choice for online boutiques, virtual fashion shows, lifestyle & fashion e-commerce stores, fashion blogs and style guides, and any other application of the words "clothing, fashion, and design."

Set to launch in March 2021, interest in .CFD is already growing among clothing brands and fashion designers. .CFD will be launching in its Sunrise Phase, for trademark holders, on March 10, 2021. Sunrise will end on April 12, 2021. .CFD will officially be available for all end users on April 13, 2021, and will be preceded with a seven-day Early Access Program (EAP) that will last till April 19, 2021.

ShortDot was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Lars JensenKevin Kopas, Michael Riedl, and Christian Tecar. Their broad experience on both the registry and registrar sides of the business has helped create a customer-centric registry model driving the company's rapid growth and establishing ShortDot's reputation as a formidable force in the domain industry. It is, in fact, now the fifth-largest new domain name registry in the world.

"We are very excited about our positioning for .CFD. The clothing and fashion design market is a new territory for us and a very lucrative one at that. What's great to see is all the interest we already have from the fashion community, clothing businesses, and influencers," said Kevin Kopas, COO. "We expect .CFD to establish itself as the de facto domain extension for fashion brands, fabric manufacturers, fashion designers, lifestyle e-commerce stores, online boutiques, fashion blogs, and apparel businesses that are redefining the world of clothing and fashion design." 

If the success of ShortDot's previous domain extensions, .icu, bond, and .cyou, are any indication, .CFD should do well. While .icu is the largest new domain extension on the planet, with over 3 million registrations in more than 125 countries, .bond is breaking barriers in the world of finance and banking, and .cyou has been one of the fastest-growing new domain extensions for the past three months.

"It's rewarding to see the enthusiasm for .CFD among our registrar partners," said Lars Jensen, CEO. "With .CFD, we want to give clothing and fashion brands a chance to register meaningful and brandable domain names. The growing competition in the world of online fashion and shopping is signalling the need for new domain choices, and .CFD aims to help clothing and fashion brands create memorable online identities that help to make a dent in the minds of those who come across their websites."

ShortDot also offers sales support for its registrar partners via design, development, lead generation, and customer retention programs. End users can search for and register their .CFD domain names at a number of ICANN accredited registrars worldwide. ShortDot uses CentralNic as its backend service provider. For more information about ShortDot, .CFD, and the upcoming launch, visit

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